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Tried to do a search and all I found was older threads.

All I see is very poor reviews and I wonder since their bankruptcy and new ownership if they have fixed their past issues and upped their game?

Looking at 9mm offerings specifically the 147gr.
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it's been a bit since I've ordered from Freedom, frankly because they never seem to have anything in stock anymore. However when I did previously, I found their prices and shipping to be among the most reasonable.

I would say I've probably gone through a couple thousand each of their 9mm, 38spl, 45acp and 223/556. I can't ever recall a dud round or FTFeed though I do recall at least a couple 223's with more setback than others.

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I’ve gone through a good bit of their 9mm, 357 Sig, and 45 acp without any issues.
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I've shot a ton of their ammo with zero issues. New and reman.

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The last 1000 lot of their new manufactured 124g 9mm was a joke.
I had many rounds with barely enough powder to make the bullet leave the bbl. Like one round out of every three mags. I also had 2 squibs.
I was using it for USPSA matches but relegated it to plinking until I used it up. Never again will I buy from them.
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