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It is now completely off the topic I wanted info on. Thanks
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You asked about generator sizing. You're getting remarks related to generator sizing. I don't see how "completely off-topic" is an accurate assessment.

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Yep. Since I was interested in generators anyway; I read through the thread. It all seemed pretty relevant.

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Lots of good info on that thread. Hope it's not deleted.


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I just replied to your thread also. I completely get what you are saying but you have to get how forums work. When you post a topic it will always veer off from the original question. Understand that what happens is people slowly digress but other forum members are involved, questions arise that may not be directly answering you, but are on the main topic. As long as it hasn't devolved into bickering, politics, or some crap like that, I think you are doing a disservice to other forum members by asking it be locked. This is a discussion forum not an "ask a question, get an answer and done" forum. Just my opinion but I don't see why you'd want to lock it.

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