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We understand ammunition is limited and you may not want to dig deep into your stash for a class. But you still should be training. If the round count listed is outside your budget, contact us. We can adjust your experience during the class so you are not shooting as many rounds, but still get valuable repetitions and training. We will work with you. Contact us to discuss.

OpSpec Training returns to Richmond, California for our Advanced Pistol Marksmanship class on April 11, 2021.

This class will be immediately after Practical Fundamentals on April 9 & 10. The Practical Fundamentals class must run for this class to run.

Looking to become a faster and more accurate for defensive or competitive shooting?

Advanced Pistol Marksmanship places a heavy emphasis on process oriented technical marksmanship to solve various marksmanship challenges. The goal of this course is to take the shooter through a series of logically organized problems, and equip the shooter with the ability to solve them. This is a one-day program.

Class Testimonials

The class fee is $235 plus range fees.

For complete details on the above class, click here.

Register for the class at the OpSpec Training website.

This is not a basic class. At minimum, students should have taken a basic handgun safety course and have experience with their firearm and gear. We expect students to have experience shooting on a line in a safe manner, including loading, reloading and drawing/shooting from the holster. Shooters with IDPA, USPSA, NRA Action Pistol, 3-Gun, law enforcement and military experience meet the program prerequisites.

Instructors*: Bruce Gray*
When: April 11 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Class size: Minimum of 12 students, but the overall enrollment is limited.

Tuition: $470

Range Fees: $35 per person or less

Ammunition: About 600 to 800 rounds.

Important Links and Information

* Instructors listed for specific programs have committed to teach the class on those dates. Although we do not anticipate changes, travel delays, family emergencies or illness may result in instructor substitutions.

Richmond Rod & Gun Club
3155 Goodrick Ave.
Richmond, California 94801
We are scheduled to be at Bay 3

Where to Stay
If you are looking for a hotel in the area, we are suggesting you look for properties near the following communities: El Cerrito, Albany or Berkeley (south of Richmond), or El Sobrante, Pinole, or Hercules to the north. Berkeley will have the best selection for hotels as well as food.

As with all of our classes, we suggest you book your room early so it is on hold.

Food at Lunch Break
To ensure you get the most “bang for your buck” lunch breaks are one hour. If you have the ability to bring your lunch, we you may do so. If you need to run out and get a quick meal, there are options in the area. Fast food restaurants (McDonald’s, Subway, Jack In The Box, Little Caesar’s) are located near Contra Costa College about 12 minutes (3 miles) to the southeast. Limited food options will be available on-site on Saturday.


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