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I'm teaching the one-day version of Cognitive Pistol w/ Tactical Anatomy at the Archetype of the Gun on 09/24 in Lincolnwood, IL .

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Review From Dave Spaulding:

I spent a great weekend with John Hearne of Two Pillars Training. I spoke of his Who Wins, Who Looses and Why lecture in an earlier post, so I'll talk briefly about his one day Cognitive Pistol/Tactical Anatomy course here. In a nutshell, it was excellent.

What I like about John is he is an original thinker. He doesn't take classes from other instructors and then copy/teach their stuff, he researches the problem and the creates solutions that are relevant and street usable. He brought his own range gear, which he designed and built himself, to help make his points, and used it quite effectively. His goal was to get you to think while engaging targets, to discriminate what needed to be shot and when. He was quite successful in that endeavor.

He also made the student base understand where the most vulnerable parts of the body were located and how to engage them as angles. Many folks understand this when facing a flat target, but do not realize how these vulnerable areas "shift" when the body is turned. It was a real eye opener for some. John is engaging and knowledgable...I never saw him shy away from the dreaded instructor word "why"...

Bucky Buchanan and I both shot the course with red dots and were quite happy with their performance. I used the new Ameriglo Haven (I also used this at Gunsite a few weeks ago) while Bucky used the Bushnell 250 RXS. These two optics are my current favorites for a number of reasons. They are durable, simple to use, reasonably priced, and readily available. I have no idea if they are "duty ready" ...I will allow other to decide that. I can tell you the Bushnell RXS 250 is VERY tough (see the video below) based on my abuse of the unit. At some point, I will perform the same test on the Haven, but for now I am still shooting it ...and I might add ... quite effectively!

John is still a working cop, so his Two Pillars Training schedule is quite limited. If you get the opportunity to take one of his classes, do so! It will be well worth your time. I would also like to thank James and Korey Cocking of Mushin SST for hosting the course. I have had the good fortune to teach at their facility and it is very nice! Check out their web site for their classes which they hold regularly, In addition, they host some of the biggest names in the training industry every year. DS

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