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What’s everyone’s opinion on the Springfield XD9 in relation to the current crop of Springfields and other polymer striker fired pistols?
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I have two. One is 20 years old, with thousands of rounds and no problems or jams ever. The other one was bought when they were super cheap, like $269, and I couldn’t pass on a good deal for a boat gun.

They work. They get no respect. They work and shoot fine.

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I have owned 2 in the past, 3 if you count an original import HS2000.

The HS2000 was a fantastic pistol both for the time and the fact that it was almost so cheap you couldn’t afford not to buy it. Smile.

An XD45 compact. Good pistol. Never really any major issues except a little goop and powder that got under the extractor and caused some issues but that is a GUN thing not an XD thing. Only complaint was mag springs were a little weak wore quickly. Wolff addressed that.

XD45 Mod 2. Great size, felt good but I would cause issues with it and my grip slowing the slide down or hitting the slide lock.

All in all fairly decent pistols but none ever lit a fire in me and I traded as I was transitioning back into DA/SA as my primary action type.

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Good guns that work. I have friends that carry them and shoot them in competition and have been served very well by them. I don't care for the ergos or the trigger, so I've never gotten into them, but if they work for you and you're looking for a poly-striker gun, they're not a bad buy.
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I have the smaller versions, XDS in 9 and .45.

Triggers leave something to be desired, but can be improved a bit with aftermarket powder river and apex.

They sit in the safe.
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I have 2, one xd9 and a xd .357 Sig. Bought them when Springfield Armory started importing them in. They have been flawless with thousands of rounds through them. They are a little heavy but shoot very well. Triggers are a little spongy but I got used to them. Some shooters don't like the grip safety but I don't notice it. I have been happy with them.

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I had an XD some years back. Shot fine. My main complaint was I wanted to swap sights and it had the tightest dovetails of any pistol I have ever owned. Made the job exceptionally hard.

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Good pistols and the platform I shoot the best.
Had an XD9 and XD45 Compact. Miss the Compact the most.
Chunky things and I think that's why I got away from them.

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They were all the rage a couple years ago. They were a decent Stiker fired pistol at a reasonable price and they tended to throw in magazines, plastic mag pouches and holsters for added value. A lot of soldiers I know purchased them and like them, but they didn't shoot them alot. One of my guys had an M series he swore by and he shot matches with it. They had a couple interesting features like an ambi push button mag release, rails, cocked striker indicator and a grip safety.

They weren't picked up by any large agency (NYPD authorized one as an off duty/backup). there isn't much of an aftermarket parts market for them compared to Glock.
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Originally posted by YooperSigs:
I had an XD some years back. Shot fine. My main complaint was I wanted to swap sights and it had the tightest dovetails of any pistol I have ever owned. Made the job exceptionally hard.

This is very true. Unless you have a sight pusher you might find yourself going through several brass punches before the job is done.

On another note the dovetails are the same cut as Sig's so SigLite sights work just fine.


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The early XDs in .40 had weak mag spring issues where rounds would nose-dive in the mag. I saw it several times. It's my understanding that the problem has long since been corrected.

As for the XD 9mm, they're the Rodney Dangerfield of poly-striker pistols. This is probably undeserved. We just had a young officer come through the academy with a 4-inch XD9 that was a bit older...maybe mid-2000s production. I looked at it like I smelled something bad. I can't tell you why. I've never owned one, but I just looked down my nose at it. I expected that XD9 to fall to pieces. It didn't. He shot 1000 rounds in a week with zero malfunctions and it was boringly reliable. A fine pistol. I came away impressed.

I shot a couple of mags through it and really enjoyed it. Light recoil with a good trigger. Solid.
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