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If the criteria calls for a revolver, I may pick my S&W 625 or the 610 or the 4" 657, maybe my 6" 657 or the 4" 66 357. Last choice, Ruger Super Redhawk 44 or 454.

Otherwise I would have no problem with any of my 1911s in 45Acp or 10mm or Sig P226,229,229C or 224s.
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When we go hog hunting I always carry my S&W 66 with hard cast bullets. My buddy carries his Glock 20.

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I've shot pigs with several different handguns and rounds. My first choice would be 44 magnum. My Smith and Wesson model 69 is light weight, comfortable to carry and relatively fast.

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There can be only one- find a S&W 629 5 inch Classic and be happy knowing you own big bore revolver perfection. Or for more coin look for a Freedom Arms 454.

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What do you already own?
If you already have a .357, I'd go with the already recommended hardcasts rounds or maybe some of the heavy for caliber hollow points. Winchester/Nosler used to sell a 180GR partitioned JHP.

If you are buying new, I'd look at a Ruger GP100 in .357 or a Redhawk/super redhawk in .44. If you can get a good S&W 686, I own several, they are good wheel guns. Smith has had some QA/QC issues or I would recommend them first.

You'll find the .357 easier to shoot quickly (follow up shots) then a .44. But, the .44 will probably penetrate deeper.
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Here in brushy north Texas I use a Ruger lever 44 mag rifle and SW 29-2 blue 4 inch loaded with 44 Special. Works every time!
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Among the revolvers I have, now, I would default to the GP100, .357 Magnum, a truly best fit, in my hands. I would use hard-cast 180-grain ammunition, or, a very-high-quality bonded bullet. My long hands may like the feel of an N-Frame, or other large revolvers, but I have medium-length fingers, and relatively short thumbs, so, am better-served by the GP100, and S&W K/L-Frames, if I want to shoot in DA mode.

I am not a hog hunter, but am acquainted with some. I already walk in the woods with a 4” to 6” GP100. One of the few documented fatal feral hog attacks, in the USA, occurred in the adjacent county, east of here, so this is not idle speculation, on my part. Like my parents, I seem to be developing balance issues, as I age. The subject of hog revolvers is something I take seriously, even though I do not actively hunt them. (I might well perform “pest control,” on my wife’s family’s land, if a target of opportunity presented itself.)

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I used to hunt hogs in North Florida and South Georgia with a 6" Colt Python; lots of fun!

I thought I was pretty bad-a$$ until I met a Florida park ranger who hunted them with a Bowie knife.

The best part is when you ask a farmer permission to hunt on his property they are so grateful to get rid of those destructive beasts they will usually make you breakfast! Smile

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I have a Glock 20, which is a 10mm pistol. Just thought I would try a revolver, even though it is not as practical as the Glock.

I would prefer a .41, but there is so much more choice in the .357 caliber. High on the list is the Smith 686 Plus or a 27.
If I buy new, I would remove the trigger lock. I would then use a TIG welder to weld over the unsightly hole, and polish the spot until it blended in.

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Personally, I am trying to stop myself from doing one of BFRs custom builds in .300 Blackout. You could help me out by ordering one and giving it to me if you hate it... :-)


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