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The full size Sig 320 gives me no trouble. I shoot it well; and can put pressure on the trigger as the muzzle comes back on target. However, my compact gives me fits. I am unable to shoot this pistol well. Any tips on shooting it will be appreciated.
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It's kind of hard to help without knowing the details of the problem, and the platforms that you're using. Starting with the guns, is there anything different about them? Different sights, different size grip modules (I know one is a full-size and one is a compact, but are we talking two standard factory medium grips or is one an x-series vs a standard small or something like that), different triggers (flat vs curved)...what are we dealing with?

Next, what is the issue that you're experiencing? It sounds like you may be saying you're having trouble shooting the compact as quickly as the full-size. Are you doing this on the clock? How does that compare? What does the target look like? Are you getting larger groups overall with the compact, and/or has the group moved in a particular direction, and if so where? Is your grip consistent or are you feeling the gun shift under recoil and having to readjust periodically?

It's going to be very difficult to diagnose what you're doing without actually seeing you shoot, but answers to the above might provide a starting point. The compact does have a shorter sight radius and a bit more muzzle flip than the full-size, but it's a small difference and I personally haven't found it to be a significant factor between the two guns all else being equal. My subcompact is incrementally even worse in the muzzle flip and sight radius department, and the problem is slightly amplified by the short grip, so it takes a little more work but it'll still put rounds on target.
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While you're at it, please tell us about any difference you feel in gripping both pistols.
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Fundamentals are fundamental. They translate across platforms. So slow fire, there should be little to no difference.

Rapid fire and/or manipulation, things can be a touch different.

If it’s rapid fire, it’s still fundamentals. But when you get very familiar with one platform, it becomes more habit than practice. By this I mean instead of tracking the return of the front sight, you just feel the rhythm of the slide cycle and develop a cadence rather than actually re-acquiring.

If it’s manipulation, the two pistols in question are identical controls, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

So I guess without knowing the specific issue, my suggestion is to slow back down and start adding speed gradually. When you find a drop off in accuracy, work on that speed to improve before trying to go faster.

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Yes, we really need to know what the specific problem is before giving our highly expert advice.

Grip and finger placement on the trigger are the last items on my list of various deficiencies I've had in my shooting life.
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