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Hey guys, I’d really appreciate some advice On my next purchase. I’m torn between two SIG models which will be used for limited carry, home defense, and collecting.

I’ve long wanted to replace my P229 that was sold years back. Recently I saw the P320 AXG and was about to pull the trigger when I started thinking that I could get a nice P229 for that kind of price

Looks amazing and I will likely shoot it better out of the box due to being striker fired. Mags and holsters readily available

P229 Legion
Looks Great! Harder to find anything for as the classic series are nearing the 40 year old mark.

My P365 will cover daily carry use and the general beating

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I'm a former huge 229 fan but if it was my money, I'd buy the P320 AXG.

I picked up a P320 AXG Pro over the summer (used) and I love it.

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Either are good guns.

At this point though, the P320 series is the future of SIG and will likely receive the most support.

You mentioned a P365 is your daily carry, which has a very similar trigger to the P320 series.

I would lean strongly towards the AXG.

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I think it really boils down to your preference for a gun with a hammer of a striker.

I'm currently shooting a 320 with several different grip modules, but haven't been tempted by the AXG yet. I do sometimes miss being able to place my thumb on the hammer while holstering.

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I love my P320 AXG Scorpion.

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I have 2 AXG guns, the Scorpion AXG and another AXG Carry build both wearing LOK Veloce grips which are fantastic. I like the P229 better in 40/357Sig than I do in 9mm. If I were in your situation with a P365 for carry, I would choose the P320 AXG.

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Huge P22x fan here but in your case I'd definitely go 320. Pickup a P229 later.
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Anything but the AXG Pro monstrosity.


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I have a stack of P320's; my opinion is that for the most part, a P320 is a P320 is a P320, meaning they're about the same. Different dress on the barbie, just a grip module and a little cosmetic change. The only P320 that I've found delivers more at retail than you can assemble the parts, is the P320 legion.

The P229 legion is a P229...I didn't find it to be worth the retail price. I have several P229's in various flavors, including the Legion. The PVD finish on the legion isn't very durable in my opinion. Cosmetically it looks nice. The triggers on some seem smoother than others. The P229 is an excellent pistol, either way you look at it.

Personally, I probably wouldn't buy a legion at retail; I'd do what I've done in the past, and bought used, but gently so, in excellent shape, for considerably less. I just wouldn't pay what they want, for a Legion, because it's not worth it to me.

Likewise on the AXG; I'm not sure what aluminum over polymer offers, but for the sake of a grip module, personally I'd get a basic P320 and add a Wilson grip and be done with it. Or if you like a heavier pistol, a TXG grip module.

If it must be a choice between the AXG or the P229 Legion, I'd go with the legion. You get more pistol for the money with the P229.
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Ditto sns3guppy. Own a P229 .40 (1996) and a P320C 9mm (2015) with a lot of rounds through both.

Taking your post at face value, I see it as an emotional (P229) versus practical (P320) decision for you. If it were me (practical), I'd go with an un-fancy P320.

Having said that, if you just lust for one or the other - go for it! My 2 cents. Smile

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All depends what you like to do with guns, if your a guy that likes to make a gun your own and customize it then the 320 is the gun. You can have everything from a carry gun to a range and competition gun, the modular system is very good for all that. I have 3-320's going to be 4 soon. all have been customized to my liking. I had p226's and one 229 in 40 based on the prices now I should have kept them but it is what it is. Anyway I wouldn't agonize over it because whatever Sig you buy if you want to change to another model and you want to sell it you won't be hurt bad on resale. Guns are all about the journey!
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After thinking about it, I kept coming back to even if I ordered the AXG, I would still want the P229. I ordered the P229 and now the wait begins. Must say, not a fan of the new prices the old school Sigs are commanding these days. I miss the days of getting a P229 for maybe $100 more than that plastic fantastic brand that shall not be mentioned
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1 asked myself the same question last summer. I have both the p320 and classic p229s. For me the p229 sao rx won out. I was so excited to see it in the store that I didn’t notice it was CA compliant. Oh well 3 10 round range mags

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P229 Legion, used. CCR Refinishing to eliminate any PVD durability concerns, when required. Legion frame differences are to me worth it. The other elements of the Legion cost many dollars to replicate on your own. Why not buy the Legion?

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Because I don't like striker fired for carry I vote the Legion... also because I like the legions more. (I drank the kool-aid for good for bad)
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That AXG Equinox is rather striking but I'd take the classic just because I don't care for straight triggers.
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Just picked up the Legion today and I’m very impressed. Only gripe is with Sig. They changed from the Legion case to a 5.11 range bag. Oh well. I likely will end up using the bag more than I would the case however the case is much cooler
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