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I had the opportunity to handle a Colt BOA today. I read about them years ago, but have never seen one in the wild.

The finish is really a beautiful deep blue.

Any BOA owners here? Have you shot it?

I am not sure I want a gun I would not want to shoot.

Niech Zyje P-220

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You were fortunate enough to handle a fairly rare Colt to get your hands on. Nice.
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Ice age heat wave,
cant complain.
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Saw one on GB a week or two ago for like $25k, never heard of it before. At first glance it looked like a Python, but I'm no expert.

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The Boa revolvers were a limited run of 1200 by a single distributor in 1985 that consisted of Python barrels on Trooper Mark V frames. While they looked like a Python they were totally different internally. The Python used the E/ I frame with a leaf mainspring while the Boa was the less costly and easier to make coil mainspring design . All in all a good idea and one that Colt should have continued . As the Pythons rose in cost , they should have capitalized on the Python look by putting the vent rib barrel on the King Cobra.

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