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During our "conversations" one of the Sig reps talked about their ammo shipping policies.

Their claim is that municipalities within the same State can have differing ammo restrictions. So to simplify things (obviously only for them), they apply the restriction to all towns in a given State even when they don't necessarily apply.

Nice, huh?
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^^^ Yep.

Natchez and Midway USA and various others can figure it out. Indiana is mostly gun friendly, except South Bend, so their stupidity ruins it for the rest of us when dealing with Sig.

Nevermind that Indiana has the right to bear arms for self defense in our State Constitution, as well as state level pre-emption for firearms regulation. South Bend's restrictions therefore violate Indiana law, but seems they have never been challenged successfully in court.

And Mayor Butt-gig was from guess where? South Bend.
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I've had an abnormally large amount of defective brand new guns coming in recently..

Auto ordnance, Keltec, Smith and Wesson, Polymer80 have all been pretty on point with warranty help so far (these are all guns within the last couple weeks so none of them have been returned yet)... But so far so good with call tags and CSRs... I guess we'll see..

I think these manufacturers are so busy pumping out guns that quality control has just gone out the window in the past year or so.

Smith Model 460 performance center (Cylinder wont open, hammer wont cock, trigger is inop)
Keltec KS7 (sold to a close friend he loaded the initial shells in it... and they just popped out)
Auto Ordnance 1911 (Grip on right side was loose and due to these sleeves they use to hold grips on there is no way to get it tight)
Polymer80 PFC9 (full gun, not 80%..Trigger was dead after 3 shots)
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