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Is that weird little curve molded into the frame forward of the trigger guard a place for your support hand thumb to sit??


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Originally posted by monoblok:
Great. Another gun that you can rarely if ever find any ammo for. But when you do find some, it's more expensive to shoot than .308.

Our shop gets as nearly as many queries about 5.7 availability as we do for 40S&W and 45ACP.

I don’t have an issue getting ammo, just go to my basement..... 4K or 5k rounds down there. I was buying it when it was plentiful and fairly reasonably priced. Really fun to shoot!

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The rear notch to open up the top cover like a belt feed is cool. It may come at a cost to attach a brace. Without a brace, there is a bit less interest for me.

But yeah, that curve looks to be a hand rest. Perhaps they should print GRIP ZONE to help us out. Wink
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Brace or no, that looks mighty stingy for stranger danger down the hall.

Then again I just admire weirdness for its own sake sometimes.
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They make the bolt-on adapter for the PLR-16, maybe they'll release something similar for those wanting to SBR?

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Anyone get one of these? Or shoot one?
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If there were ever a round to motivate one to hand load, the 5-Seven leads the pack. The cost to reload vs the cost of ammo (brass excluded) is huge with this round.

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I love the 5.7 round...and my PS90. And while I agree with some that Keltec has some of the most creative ideas...follow through is the problem. Quality control. If someone else built some of the guns they think of, I'd pay the extra few hundred bucks to have them.

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The print version June/July "Shooting times" has a pretty good article about the gun.

here's one online in January from GunsandAmmo:

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It's #1 on my next list if I can find one close to msrp. I'm not paying the crazy prices they are going for if you can find one. I'll save that for the ammo I'll

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Well at least the price of the ammo is coming back down off of its ridiculous highs from a few months ago ($130/box(!) was the highest I saw, heard from customers that it was actually worse than that); right now PSA actually has some 40gr FNH blue tip for ONLY a buck a shot. Good times... Roll Eyes

About three months back we got some in that we price at $39 for a 50rd box, four box limit. Boy, the feeding frenzy that followed...

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