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I am deciding between these two. I live in the middle of nowhere New Mexico and don't have a hands on opportunity to evaluate them. I bought a P229 357Sig 30 years ago. Fantastic pistol except the grips were too darn fat.

I'm leaning towards the P229 for the SAO but I want the one with the smallest grip circumference.

Any help greatly appreciated, tape measure numbers even more.
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The Legion will solve your fat grip problem of the original P229 due to a couple of things. The SAO trigger reach is reduced, and the G10 grip is overall smaller. You will love it. Don't have any experience with the P320 AXG.


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Both are nice weapons, the Legion 229 in my humble opinion would be the better choice. The AXG feels very much like the p226/229 series but the Legion is just a notch above. Remember the AXG is also a striker fire and just a bit different in feel.
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Don’t forget the Legion finish was PVD and then cera something or other. PVD is “weak” and the new finish is preferred. No idea what model year was first new finish.

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