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What are y’all’s thoughts on the Arex Delta? Any of you folks spent any time behind the trigger on one of these?
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I have a Gen 1 that exceeded my expectations. The M size is slightly thicker than a G48 and significantly thinner than a G19. It fits most G19 holsters and works w/ CZ P-10 mags.

Some guys have criticized the Delta frame for looking & feeling cheap. I don't have any complaints about it, except I put grip tape on mine. Most people prefer the Gen 2 texture.

I'm impressed w/ the Delta's build quality. It uses more steel than a Glock (e.g., longer steel rails, steel sights) yet somehow manages to be significantly lighter. A lot of the internals are coated w/ something like nitride.

I'm generally not a fan of striker indicators. I thought the Delta's would annoy me, since it sticks out of its hole everytime you pull the trigger. Turns out the design is sort of like the Glock gadget. When you holster, you can put your thumb over the striker indicator hole. If you feel it try to pop up while holstering, then you know the trigger is caught on something. I like that.

The trigger is designed for combat not for competition and those obsessed w/ lightness. It's a little heavy, about 6 lbs, but breaks in nicely. There's a good amount of take-up to a distinct wall and crisp break. The break does not roll like a typical Glock trigger and doesn't feel gritty. The reset is much shorter than an OEM Glock trigger.

I like the clean look of an internal extractor. The origami lines to the gun IMHO look better in person than they do in photos. The mag catch is stiff and takes some breaking in. It's pretty flush w/ the grip, so that can be a dealbreaker for shooters who like extended mag release buttons.

If you find a standard model for under $400, I recommend it. An optic-ready model is worth $50-60 more and comes w/ optic plates. I've noticed prices have dropped recently. A couple months ago, they were around $500 or more, which made it much less of a value leader.
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I’ve got the Gen2. Love everything about it. The mag release was extremely difficult for my old thumbs, but the factory offers an extended release with a standard weight spring and a light one.
Really transformed the pistol for me, and I don’t have a pistol that feels better than the Delta in my hand. Very thin, and totally reliable.

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