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Does anyone have a lot of rounds thru one ? Are they working ? The internet reviews are all over the place and I wanted a no BS report from folks that have first hand experience
I kind of want one but my impression is that at least early on they were having problems.
thanks to anyone with any info
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Early P938s had two definite problems.
* The two-piece screwed-together recoil spring guide rod would unscrew itself. Loctite wasn’t a fix.
* The main spring housing (MSH) would degrade with weird effects, including full auto.

The P238 had the same MSH, but seldom had that problem because of its softer recoil.

Both problems are now solved on the P938. The redesigned MSH works in the P238 too.

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Lots of rounds through my Feb 2014 P938 NMR-AMBI- Serial Number: 52A045xxx, purchased 2/2014. Very reliable, soft shooter, accurate.

Early model and I replaced the Main Spring Housing with the new version. Still using the original 2 piece guide rod, which has never come loose. I do check it after firing but, so far, not unscrewing.


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Mine works fine, mid or latter date.
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Thanks, may have to try one
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I don’t know if you consider 750 rounds as a lot but that’s what I have through my 938 without a single problem or incident
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I only have about 500 rounds through mine. I have huge hands, so the P938 isn’t really fun to shoot. No reliability issues, but I proactively changed the grips and mainspring housing, as well as installed a 1 piece recoil guide rod at about the 300 round mark.
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No issues with mine. Very accurate for its size. Depending on how old your gun is, you may have an issue with mags dropping out under recoil. I had to send a 238 and 938 back for that issue.
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2016 manufacturing date. I have had no issues whatsoever. I proactively replaced MSH. Changed the trigger, due to hurting my finger during prolonged range use. Not everybody has a problem with the original trigger. Also changed the grips from the original Rosewood to Hogue BRG's. The grips and trigger really improved shoot-ability.
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I bought mine two years after introduction, SN 80,xxx. The early models used the P238 extractor which had issues, SIG made a 9mm extractor which solved it. Not many rounds thru it to know if the recoil spring or MSH were a problem.

The MAGAZINE spring however was the worst I ever encountered, very high rate to feed ammo for what must be a high cyclic rate. I was finally to the point of admitting I needed a mag loader for it when I sold it, because of the magazines and the small lever sticking up off the frame which has to be delicately placed during reassembly. It's not a major issue but I've never had that in any other handgun as maintenance is required and special procedures are not memory friendly at my age.

I sold it with about ten years on it, which is the half life of night sights. They were starting to age and that was another issue.
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I’m not sure what you consider a large number of rounds but I have some input.

I had a later release with the newer mainspring housing and sear spring. After approximately 5000 rounds I had an issue where it would only fire 1 round then the trigger would jam. If I disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled it would fire 1 round and jam.

After a week of investigation I sent it back to SIG and they claimed the frame was cracked by the slide release pin. I never did see it, but with a black frame I do not doubt their findings. The communications were not great but the service was fine. They said they would replace the frame, but in actuality they replace the entire gun.

I only had one other issue at about 2000 rounds where the firing pin block cracked. Keep in mind I had 2000 rounds through it but at least another 2000 dry fire cycles into it. They sent a replacement and I put it in.

I think it may be good for the average shooter, but if you are planning thousands of rounds you will want to keep an eye on it. Of course this is only a sample of 1.

Be well,
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My 2015 P938 had the mag drop problem during my 500 round shakedown before I’de carry it. Once it came back from Sig it was good. I recommend it but make sure it’s good before you trust your life with it (Like any gun).
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I had one around 2015. Thing ran like a greased pig. I shot the hell out of it for the time I had it, only reason I got rid of it was that I couldn’t get used to a gun with a safety. Other than that it was a great carry gun. I have yet to shoot something in that size class that shoots as well
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The P938 I traded for back around 2014 shot great. I did replace the recoil spring after 1000 rounds as I did not know it's round count. I must have put 2-3 thousand rounds through it with no malfunctions that I recall.

Great little 9mm's from my experience unless you get a lemon.

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I have two 938’s, a Combat and a Legion.
I have experienced zero issues with either.
I dont know round counts on either, I know neither of them are in the thousands.

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I have yet to shoot a P938 and curious how snappy the recoil is, compared to say the P239 or P225?

It would appear Hogue's black rubber grip and the mag w/pinky extension would provide the most comfortable firing experience... but comparisons to guns I know well are few/non-existent.
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