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Nice pics...

Well, since we are posting heavy frame Swiss P210s, here is one of mine.

I'm only seeing CNC stuff. Here is an original forged HF from the 1970's.

I've had a few of the later HF P210's and still have one. They are very nice, but there's just something about the originals that feels so right.

Too bad they are so few and far between. Frown
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Nice guns! I wish we could hve them here in the Phils.
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Well, as someone who has only a passing knowledge of the P210s, thank you all for posting and for highlighting some of the differences. I like to be informed when I’m out “on the hunt.”

Keep the pictures coming, please!

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[QUOTE]Originally posted by bac1023:

I'm only seeing CNC stuff, here...

CNC isn't bad, is it? Wink

Well, there were so many variants of the P210... I own a few and I can tell you it is more a matter of preference and feel, than quality and accurracy, whatever the model and features. Whatever the era and fabrication process used, this remains Swiss clockwork precision.

I have a soft spot for military versions, and heavy frames too...


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Some LOVELY heavy-frame pistols on this thread. Wouldn't mind seeing updated pics if the owners still have these guns!


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Originally posted by BullBarrel:
Originally posted by feersum dreadnaught:
I am envious. Beautiful.

How big is the camera that takes such large pictures?

It was just a phone camera and pictures are actually shrunk to 1/2 of original size.
Sorry for the large pictures and that you have to scroll. This forum platform
is somewhat ancient....Pretty much all other forums shrink images automatically.

Pics are displayed here in exactly the resolution of the image you're linking to...Just Sayin' Wink

Nice P210 by the way! Cool


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