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Originally posted by mbinky:


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For real?
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If you’re on Beretta’s mailing list, they sent out an announcement today for the M9A4.

Not minority enough!
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Glorious SPAM!
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Originally posted by RichardC:

Yes, yes it is Smile

I think have 2 or 3 in the closet.

As much as I love the M4 and the Beretta I was a wuss. I cared more about my tool box than my personal weapons. A GMTK was better placed to save the day than our issued weapons. My kids fixed tanks and they did it well. But then that is what was asked of us. No high speed shit. We carried the weapons that we were issued. I prefer them now because they work.

I still have the Blackhawk M9 holster in my garage but I know my old M7 is up at my sisters house and man I want that one.
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I'm going to have to get my 92FS out and take it to the range. It's been a long time. Used to be, back when I was spending times in the deep woods in the early 1990s, I'd carry this pistol with me. I had lighter pistols to carry, including a G19, but there was something quite comforting about the big Beretta.
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Pursuing the wicked
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“Servicewomen, and men”???

Beretta go all woke now too? Wtf Roll Eyes
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I should break out my 92fs and M9 guns again. The 92 was accurized by Toyota. The M9 just got a Toyota trigger job. I legged out with the 92.
Here is a 50yard offhand slowfire target from the 92 before any improvements. Ammo was ordinary USA ball

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