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So I have the Glock 43, a 43X, and a couple of G19.5’s. I love the 43 for concealment but wish it had more capacity. The 43X just has a freakish long grip. I’m exploring getting a 26.3 for my next CCW piece. It’s on our states roster so there’s less drama getting one.

Who carries one? Anyone have any other thoughts?

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I’m a DA/SA guy but the 26 is the best CCW, imo, ever made.

When I daily carried one, I liked the +0 Pearce base plates to get a full grip and carried the factory 12rd magazine for backup. Great package.

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I carried A Gen 3 G26 for 10 years. The only reason I'm not still carrying it is that they issued me a P320 SC as a backup, so I switched to that.

I love the G26. I have long hands and fingers, and have a hard time getting a positive grip on most of the tiny, thin autos that are all the rage these days. The G26 gives me just enough girth to get my hands around it for a comfortable length of pull, and the grip length is perfect. I don't use a mag extension...I just tuck my pinkie finger under the bottom of the grip and it locks the gun in nice and tight. I used to qualify better with that gun than I did with my duty gun.

I ankle carried the G26 above a boot most of the time, and wore it IWB on a belt off-duty. It went with me on road trips, vacations, and even backpacking. It's reliable enough that I was always confident in having it be my only weapon on a 2 week road trip, is small enough to conveniently carry, and with 17-round mags in my door pocket, packs enough firepower to deal with any social problem I might encounter while driving through urban areas. It never had any problems with rust, which is more than I can say for the P320.

Being a Glock, it is a little different. I took it out a while back after not shooting it for a year or so. It definitely presents differently from what I'm carrying now, and it took a few mags to get back into the groove of shooting it well out of the holster. But that's a software problem, not a hardware one. My vote is buy'll be happy.
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The G26 will be my next glock. I've shot the P365, the G43X and the G27. I was surprised how well the G27 shot but since I already have big brother mags to fit the G26, it's at the top of my list.
Most people here also talk about what a great shooter it is.
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Interesting enough, the 26 has become my carry-a-Gun-when-I-don’t-feel-like-carrying-a-Gun Gun. With the standard magazines, my times aren’t much slower than with an iron sighted 19 out to 25 yards.

As Chris Edwards (Who is one of the OGs at Glock) told me one time that the Glock 26 was truly perfection and was easily the most accurate pistol Glock made. He said it was short enough that Gaston couldn’t fuck up the round before it left the barrel. Big Grin

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Since it's on the roster, probably a no brainer. The 26 is becoming a classic, and while great being a classic it's also showing it age IMO.

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It's an end-of-the-world pistol. Factory magazine capacities of 10, 12, 15, 17, 19, 24 and 33 rounds. Functions near flawlessly, accurate and will eat anything with a 9mm headstamp. Easily disassembled completely (except for the mag catch spring, and you're not supposed screw with the channel liner) in about two minutes. Very long service life. Parts, both OEM and aftermarket, and holsters, widely available.

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I’ve been carrying a Gen 3 G26 for about 10 years. Not a single failure no matter how dirty or neglected.
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I went all in with the P365 after the initial problems subsided. It just did not shoot well for me. I bought a G26 and have never looked back. For me, the G26 outshot the 365 hands down.

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Love 'em. Have one in Gen 4 flavor and have been pleased with it. Bought a Brownells slide for it to put a red dot on it and keep the factory slide unmolested.
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I’d be shocked if you hear many negative comments. My gen3 G26 has been my carry gun for 11 years, and, to be the broken record, has never failed or given me a reason to consider anything else. It’s possible there’s a carry gun out there I’d like more, but I’m not even tempted to find out. The 26 is just too good to give up.


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I’d be shocked if you hear many negative comments.

Hell I would submit even if you don’t like Glocks it’s pretty hard to fault a 26, 19 or 17.

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The 26 was the first firearm I purchased. I remember watching a Hickok45 video in 2010, which was one of his earliest vids. He was ringing long distance steel, and I just had to have one. Keenes Depot(now KyGunCo) had a sale in the local paper for $25 off Glocks. This was before they had an online business. I paid $485.
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Since they were initially released, I’ve owned a Gen 2.5, 3 and 4. I’ve been carrying the 4 daily since it came out. For me, they are super accurate, easily concealable in a variety of ways and they work all the time.

The gun shoots like a house on fire. It’s the most accurate Glock I own.
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Get the hyve technologies magazine base plates. They complete the backstrap of the grip so you can get a good complete hold on the gun.
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I’m a 1911 guy, and the one Glock I own is a Gen4 26. It shoots, for me, far better than a gun its size “should.”

When I carry one, it’s typically in a Mitch Rosen pocket holster with a spare 10-round magazine “hidden in plain sight” on my belt in a Magholder, LLC horizontal magazine carrier.

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My 26.3 is a fine weapon but has been replaced for ccw because of grip length and weight. To get my finger placed on the trigger, the gun is not in the web of my hand. I keep it because it goes bang every time and everyone needs at least one glock, but I have other guns that fit better and weigh less depending on how/where I carry. If it fits Your hand, buy it.
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If I went back to carrying a 9mm as my duty weapon, it would be the G-17 and G-26 as a backup gun.

It's small and light enough, and sure the hell accurate enough. It also takes -17 and -19 magazines.


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EDC here. Its size is just right. Big enough for a solid grip, small enough to owb carry under a t-shirt, accurate, comfortable recoil, good capacity. Get a g19 mag for a reload and you're all set.

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Im in Cali too and a G26 is on the top of my rotation along with my G19 and Sig P238. My only complaint is it is a little thick but it is what it is. For the money and the slim options we have here you cant really go wrong. In the last month I have seen them in LGS for MSRP ($599) as well.

Previously I had a S&W Shield but I never shot it as well as the G26.

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