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I have two classic P228's. One is slightly more used than the other. Mainly because the action/trigger pull is WAY more smoother on my favorite than its twin brother. I've heard someone mention before that a Sig 'trigger job' consists of about 1000 rounds downrange Smile

Is it the universal consensus that most of the classic P series pistols become smoother (and feel lighter in trigger pull) than an older 'unfired' example?
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It might even take more rounds than that IMO.
If you have your favorite, I'd just keep shooting that one personally.

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I'd say "2 or 3,000", but I'm picky. I'd certainly say there's a noticeable difference for the better, though.
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I am not as patient, I guess. Maybe it is because I get out 4-6 times a year to the range.

Instead, I purchased the short reset trigger kit and the short reach trigger, as well as polishing all the internal parts that slide or pivot over others [and aren't sear interfaces], so that resistance is reduced.

I am VERY happy with my triggers, each time I fire the gun- and I don't have to spend 1K-3K rounds to get to my 'happy' spot.

Oh, I also polished hammer struts and changed to 18 or 19 lb main/hammer springs. Light enough to feel better but stiff enough that primers are still firing each pull.

When I put the .40 top end on my P226, I use an extra power .40 recoil spring [wolf] to make up for the reduction in hammer spring weight to slow the slide down without battering the frame.

if you go lighter on one end [hammer] the slide moves faster, unless you step up on the other end.

That is how I roll, but- I am fortunate enough to be able to afford to do this without a lot of stress, and I do my own gunsmithing [unless it involves welding or drilling for scope/sight mounts].

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Pretty much in agreement. Not sure of the exact round count, by my original 228's trigger broke in beautifully. When I got my 229, I went ahead and got a factory trigger job right away. It was a good trigger job, but no better than the broken-in 228.

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A factory "trigger job" is only good at best, and sometimes can even be mediocre. Ask me how I know. And, if you want a real trigger job (really an action job), you go to the masters, like Robert Burke or Bruce Gray. A very well broken-in classic SIG can have a very good trigger, but it will never equal the works of the masters. My 25k-round Ni P228's trigger was very good, before I cracked its frame.


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This is just my experience.

Back in the day, I used to frequent a lot of gun shows. I’ve probably tried fifty or so various Sig Classic P series double action triggers over the years. Some were new. Some were used. Some were well used.

In my experience, 90% of the double action triggers were absolute crap.

The best I tried was a friend’s P239 .40 cal. It was as smooth as butter. It really showed me just how god awful the DA trigger was on my P239 9mm.

Again that is just my experience.
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My P239 in .357sig is a nice police trade in and has a awesome trigger feels as good if not better then my Legion P229.
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I had a KE date code .45 acp P220 that went to TJs custom for reliability work as it was a police trade in from the local big dept (SJPD). The trigger was very nice. After 2K rounds thru it the pistol started having ignition problems. I flipped to a friend who really wanted it. I do agree after a certain round count the triggers do seem a lot nicer.
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