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Road Dog
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For me, this.

I could also see selling my 43 and getting the 365, loving it and then never carrying my 43x. I don’t know why I make this so complicated. I appreciate all of the replies!

Originally posted by sigarms229:
why would you get rid of a gun just because you don't shoot it?

Because it's nothing more than an asset and if it's not being used, why not sell it, take the $$ and put it towards something you actually will shoot.

Some folks hold onto guns for their life and never sell them. Some other folks (like me) buy, sell and trade on a regular basis. There are always a few guns in my safe that I'd be willing to sell off or use as trade material. There are a few that aren't easily replaced and aren't on that list but guns that can easily be replaced are essentially "always for sale".
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I own and have carried all of those Glocks, and really like them.
But I now have for a couple years EDC’d some version of the 365. I like the trigger, modularity, and manual safety. Capacity is not an important factor.
Yet still I think Glock is my favorite. And of those thin models, especially the G43. It is thin, clean, the modern Jframe. 4 rounds less capacity means 2 ounces less weight — not a small matter.
AND - I have said this before - In my estimation, the Glock grip angle is particularly valuable in a little gun — it helps me get a grip (and of course I use Talon grips) because the grip is like a large and effective beaver tail.
I suspect one day I might go back to the G43.
You might consider keeping it as a classic.
But if you choose otherwise, it might just show you have more common sense than me.
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Easy. Do it. I gave away my G43 to family after getting a 365. Then getting multiple more. It beats the 43 in every single way that matters to me. I too didn’t like the original grip module so I got a stipples one. If I needed more grip you can go X grip or Wilson Combat for girth. Shoot you can even a metal frame if that’s your thing. Add or subtract a manual safety. I even fell for the integral comp model and it’s a dream to shoot. The modularity train is real and it’s fantastic.

Shooting it first is a great idea but sans that I say do it and don’t look back.

I actually think adding 50% more capacity for 2 oz is a good trade. You certainly aren’t getting any smaller in that trade off. By my measurements the 365 and 43 are nearly identical in size and weight (365 is smaller actually) and the 365 has better capacity.

I personally add a manual safety to them because I won’t carry a striker appendix style without a safety. To each his own.
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Frangas non Flectes
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If nothing else, the 43 is easy to replace.

I believe in the 25th amendment.
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I had a 365 since they first came out.
I get a big discount on Glocks so I bought the 43X. I really liked the way it fit my hand, felt better than the 365 but I never could shoot it as well.
I took both to the range side by side. I shot on alternating range trips, I carried one and then the other for a week at a time and the 365 won out everytime.
I put the WC XL grip on it and it is near perfect to me.
It shoots and conceals very well.
I sold my 43X.
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Road Dog
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I think I may keep the 43 for now and get the new shield arms Z9 and mag catch. I have Taran +2s now. The Z9 will give me +3 and still be shorter.

I’ll keep my eye out to add a P365x. Thanks guys!
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Lets throw in a wild card!

I was in the market to replace my tried and true Walther PPS M2 LE with a modern high capacity carry gun just this year. I'm not a Glock guy and just couldn't bring myself to love the 43. I WANTED to love the P365 as everyone and their brother has one and of course I'm a Sig fan. I rented one twice and shot it "okay". For some reason I just couldn't shoot lights out like I could with my Walther. Finally stumbled upon the most recent S&W Shield Plus offerings and settled on this one:

Of course you can get the 3" barreled version if you wanted but this thing is NICE! Great grip texture, well made, great stock trigger, and phenomenal capacity.

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That rug really tied
the room together.
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I have all of those pistols and for me the G43X is the most useless gun in my entire (huge) safe. It shoots OK, but I cant find a use for it. At all.

Its personally preference for you... I LOVE the P365X and can shoot it great. Its a great carry gun, and the 13 rounds onboard is confidence inspiring.

The G43 makes a great deep conceal piece, so I find it has more use for me than the G43X.

I'd definitely add a P365X, P365XL, or P365 of your favorite flavor to your stable.

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I was taught that you dont sell guns, you buy guns. So even when cash has been an issue for me, I have found other things i need to sell versus selling a gun to buy a gun. But I have plenty of buddies who sell a gun to move on to something better or different. Nothing wrong with it, just not what I was taught.

Ricky Taggart
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I own a 365 and multiple 43, 43x and 48 options. I recently picked up a Shadow Systems CR920 and am pretty impressed with it. It combines what I like from the 43 and has the capacity of the 365 with better ergos.
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I have had both the 365 and the G43 ( I also have a couple G42's) and i am now a 100%, die hard M&P 3" version Shield Plus fan. 10 rounds, still pocket carry it except in summer (see G42 above for that) and it feels way better in the hand than the Sig or the Glock. For 9mm carry, you should really check one out before deciding.
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I had a 43, a 43X and a 48 and I now have a 365X and love it. I carried a Flock on duty for years and I like and shoot them well but I don’t care for the factory triggers in the 43X or 48.

Sig has an amazing gun with the 365X, I just got some 15rd mags to carry as spares and I have a TT Gunleather XC slim holster ordered for it. I shoot the 365X like it’s a full size gun. Absolutely love it!!
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The Sig 365 platform allows you to change grips at low cost--$30 at Proven Arms.
I've added a few modifications to my 43--Clipdraw and trigger guard--which allows for pocket carry.

The 43 is starting to replace the J frame for summer carry. It is a very good compact, concealment pistol.
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