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While I'm On A German Pistol Kick.....(9mm Mauser Goodness Inside) Login/Join 
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Very cool, and I've always wanted to shoot one.

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Lt. Mick Malone approves!


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A very interesting C-96. AIR, Mauser delivered about 137,00 9x19 pistols of the 150,000 on the Prussian military C-96 contract.

If yours is an "over run" or assembled from parts made for that contract; I would assume the S/N to be in the 137,009 to 150,000 range with the 'NS' safety and the 50-500 meter rear sight.

The "1920 property mark" became effective in Aug./Sept. 1920. So your pistol (w/o military acceptance marks) must have been in government possession well before 1921.

I am aware of the prewar 9x25mm commercial C-96's as well as the 9x19mm short barrel w/fixed rear sight reworks of (full size) 7.63mm pistols after WW1. One of Jan Still's books has a photo of two post WW1 German rural policemen armed with full sized C-96's.

I have two "Red Nines". an Italian Navy flatside (in pretty poor condition), a number of other Pre/Post war commercial broomhandles and a 7.63mm '1920' C-96 having military acceptance marks.

Always been "suspicious" of any 1920 marked item. It's so easy for an unscrupulous seller to add them (anywhere along the way) for the last 50 years or so.

Anyway -- congratulations; that's a really unique find! Never seen this variation described before.

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It's a full sized 1913 9mm police with the fixed rear sight.


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