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Sig 365X with no safety, probably ad a Wilson grip module and maybe a Holosun 407K
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365XL , moving from one with Romeo Zero to another with Holosun 507K. The reticle pattern works better for me. Also adding in Regular 365 as backup in some situations. Mag compatibility.
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Originally posted by sigfreund:
Thanks for the responses.
From the discussions I had sort-of paid attention to, I had gotten the impression that the X and XL versions were the most popular models. Now it would be interesting to know how many people acquired the original version when it was the only one available and might prefer a different model, but don’t want to switch at this point. I assume that those models would require different magazines—?

I bought the original version of the P365 and though I generally liked it, I prefer to use an optical sight. When Sig offered a good deal on the "X" slide and a Romeo Zero optic, I got one. Since I prefer Holosun's optical sight with a green reticle, I sold the Sig optic to him. When Holosun did a recall, I sent mine in for the update (even though I wasn't experiencing any issues with it), and replaced the "X" slide with the original iron sight slide that I'd retained, until my 507K was returned from the factory.

Recently Wilson Combat offered a standard P365 grip frame and I updated my "X" conversion with that. I'm very pleased with this set up, and the modifications I've made to it over the four years I've owned it. One of the nice things about this popular pistol is the ability to tweak it to one's preferences. It's my most frequent choice for carry in a Milt Sparks Summer Special 2 IWB.

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I don't want to screw up the data because of two caveats:

I don't yet have my 365 fully built yet, and I'm not sure if it's a "hybrid", per se, if I'm essentially cobbling together parts from many sources.

Got a manual safety FCU from a member here and a Wilson combat grip. Will be getting a Norsso slide and a Parker Mountain Machine barrel and compensator.


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For regular life, I AIWB an X conversion P365 with an added manual safety.

When I’m riding the motorcycles I pocket carry a regular P365 with an added manual safety.
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I have the original one with night sights on order. Also ordered JM Custom IWB and belt holsters for it. How do you guys like the trigger? Anyone send it out for work or is it good enough?

* Edit to add I also upgraded to the Wilson Combat frame.
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JUST this week started carrying a normal, boring, no safety P365 in front right pocket with the flush 10 round magazine in a desantis nemesis or superfly. Awaiting an Alabama kydex holster to see which is the most secure and discreet.
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Absolutely loving the XL. Carried in a Milt Sparks SS

It has replaced my G19, its a great shooter

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P365x Romeo Zero

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Curious if people with long fingers like me feel the XL is a big improvement over the standard 365, which is what I carry. Was thinking about the XL exchange kit and then adding a Romeo Zero so I don’t have to wait through the process of adding another pistol to my permit.
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Current EDC has been a “Standard” P365 with Sig laser since Aug of 2018.

Recently picked up an “X” and “XL”, both with Romeo’s. Once I feel confident with them, they will become the new EDC (X for IWB, XL for OWB) except for those occasions where I need to pocket carry which will be the standard setup.

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It depends on how I am dressed and where I am going. I have a 365 SAS with the ported barrel/slide, and a standard slide/barrel, and a 365 XL. The XL gets the right side holster, the SAS can be a backup or pocket carry for walking the dog, and the standard slide installed if it's going to be the only gun on me.
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I have been fighting with whether or not to get one. I think I’d really like the 365x with a Wilson grip module.
I just gotta decide which Glock I wanna get rid of to get it. My 43, 43x, or 48.
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After trying a few configurations, I carry the original with a WC grip module, 10+1 and a 12rd backup. If I need and can carry bigger, I grab my G32.

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I put Wilson Combat grip frame on my P365 (great feel!) and more recently added the Sig Custom Works
stainless unfinished slide with Gold Sig barrel.
I carry it in DeSantis Nemises pocket holster, or
a DeSantis leather holster with restraining strap.
Added Trijicon red front sight.
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I used to carry the standard P365 not optics ready. Now I'm loving my 365XL with Holosun 507K Green. Big Grin

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Great poll and thread.

I voted regular 365, but like many here I modify mine to suit the circumstance.

Like many, I much prefer the feel and foot print of the 365XL. I do own a 365XL, and like it, but I prefer to “make my own”. In situations allowing a little larger form factor, I insert, and add a 3.7” upper.

Does anyone else roll their own 365XL in that way vs use a “real” XL? You miss the straight trigger, beaver tail, and fully smooth grip. But for me, it is a huge advantage to know that any one of my magazines can go into any one of my 365’s. As the 365 platform now fulfills so many roles, it feels simpler and more fool proof to have just one gun that can get modified instead of two different ones. My “real XL” stays in a safe except on range trips.
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I picked up a P365 Spectre Comp and added a Romeo Zero Elite.

It feels great and shoots very well.
I have an AlienGear Holster.

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It depends on how I decide to carry that day. If it's OWB, I carry the P365XL, if I pocket carry, it's the P365 with a 10 round mag.

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Hybrid. P365 with XL grip module and corresponding 12-round magazine.
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