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FWIW, mine did have that same note in the box
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Thread resurrection Wink

I picked up a used one the other day and hope to get to shoot it this week. It had the notice others have pictured. From handling it, the way my hand falls on the grips I think I'm going to prefer the ten round magazine w/o the beavertail floorplate rather than the other two options.

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Was in a LGS recently with the Mrs., and we looked at one of these. We dry fired a few times, but we agreed that if we need to pocket carry, we'll stick with the P3AT and original LCP, for two reasons:

[1] It does have more beef compared to the single stack LCP, more than the ads and online reviews suggest. This was obvious when I held the weapon. Might not matter for IWB, but I couldn't see myself putting this in a pocket, even for a brief walk.
[2] I'm in the stubborn minority and prefer the trigger on the original LCP. Maybe it's because I've been pulling the trigger on the original for over a decade. Or maybe it's because this other trigger is objectively silly for pocket carry. The LCP II didn't do it for me either.

I'm just glad Ruger still makes the LCP. I wish Keltec held on, too, as I'd have liked to give new P3ATs as gifts every so often.

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I love me some LCPs!

I bought the original LCP when it first came out. Always reliable and good accuracy. About three years later I got the LCP custom with the red trigger and real sights. Still always reliable, and much more accurate with my old eyes. Early this year I got the LCP Max. The increase in size is barely noticeable to me, still reliable but I just don't find it to be as accurate as the other two. It is more comfortable to shoot than the early versions.

I carry the LCP custom the most, but I am still practicing with the LCP Max.

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Regarding the note: the slide didn't always lock back when manually cycling even the guns that didn't come with the note...which is why Ruger decided to include that piece of info with subsequent LCP Max production guns.

I still get a smile (well, more like a giggle) with sound of the MAX dry firing. Sure the gun fires just fine with actual ammo in the chamber, but that sound...

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