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I'd like to learn all about the .45-70 round, and I have found that inquiring from the minds of this fine forum produces much better results than just relying on other sources of information. So, please, if you're familiar with this round, please tell me whatever you feel is relevant.

Thanks in advance!

I found what you said riveting.
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reloads is the best way to go IMHO with starline
brass,I cast my boolets when I had one.
I karma ed it to a friend in my downsizing.
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Wait, what?
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You can load a fairly wide range of bullet weights but I'm very partial to loads pushing 405 grain pills. They will be good for just about any activity you care to engage in, and hit with authority. It's a great do-all weight that has historically been very effective since it's inception. You can load from mild to wild with how much pounding your shoulder can take as the limiting factor. For hunting, it is very effective at lower velocities because it just plows through everything without slowing down much or destroying a lot of meat with hydrostatic shock.

Starline brass is probably the strongest and most affordable out there. If you're loading moderately, you can squeeze several reloads from each case.

I like IMR4198 and 3031 for propellants, although there are many other powders that will do the job well. Reloader #7 is supposed to be a good all around performer too.

I really like Missouri Bullets coated hard cast boolits- they fly straight and don't foul up the barrel.

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I can't add anything more than gearhounds has. I would give the exact same advice.

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You don't say if you own a .45-70, or your intended purpose if you do, so all I'll do is recommend some published works.

First, get a copy of the old two-part article by the late Ken Waters in "Handloader" magazine. Good explanation of the differences in strength between various rifles (divided into three different levels) with data for both cast and jacketed bullets.

Second, a copy of "Loading Cartridges for the Original .45-70 Rifle and Carbine" by J.S. & Pat Wolf. Good data on development of the original cartridge.

Books by the late Paul Mathews also have a lot of information for both black and smokeless powder.
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I highly recommend:

The Complete Reloading Manual for the .45-70 Gov't

$7.95 on Amazon.

Excellent resource.

IMR 3031 is an excellent powder and Speer does some nice bullet choices.
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Mesabi is right, replying into a vacuum.

But if we knew what gun and what application, we could tell a lot more.

Frex, I have shot BPCR and that is a completely different game than hunting or busting watermelons.
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I have used Reloder 7 with good results.

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I sold my 45-70 to someone here on the forum (wish I hadn’t done that) , but I used to cast 405s and plink with 13 grains of Unique, used a little tuft of TP to hold the powder against the base. Super fun.

Also used real black powder and honestly, that’s the way to go, doesn’t smash your shoulder either.

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