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Usefull site in case we didn't notice:

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Just because something is legal to do doesn't mean it is the smart thing to do.
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Thanks for the heads up on this site.
I looked at a few different choices, disappointed it only goes back a few years. I have been buying ammo for 60 years and would like some earlier history.

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You all need to collect old Shooters Bibles. Lots of folks collect them, and others sell them at the Gun Shows. The problem is what theydeliver is suggested retail, not normaal selling prices. I never paid suggested retaial, I preferred to pay discounted prices. Still, what most places charged was only a little less.

I have them from way back. Like before I was born. When my father and father in law passed, I just merged their collections into my own. Its still fun to go to a show and see someone selling one from back in the 60s and think "I've got that one." Still OK. And prices didn't change that much or quickly.

I stopped collecting them about 25 or so years ago, when I stopped buying ammo. I've still got so much my don't won't ever rnn out. I've even thought maybe I should sell some. Maybe. I have a bad habit of giving away ammo when I sell a firearm (a caliber). I won't ever run out of 9mm. Last time I checked, I've got 4 x .50 cans filled with reloads. The problem being I don't shoot that caliber these days. MY guess was that each can holds 2,000+ rounds. And that doesn't count factory ammo.

I went into a reloading binge due to unemployment (very pleasant) in the late 1980s.

Guess I could haul them to a gun show and sell them off. But its too much trouble and I don't need the cash.

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Perhaps an increase is in store in the future: Frown

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In 2004 I was buying 500 round UMC for $68.00 at Dicks. $8.00 for boxes of 40S&W at Sports Authority. Bought tons of ammo at these prices and plan to burn it up in retirement.

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That only goes back to 2020, I wanted to see a chart for the 45 ACP going back to 1905.

I've stopped counting.
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I have little doubt the manufacturers have been screwing the consumer.

Nothing else explains the "shortages" and prices for the past 10-20 years.

Powders as well.

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And primers. Specifically large rifle primers.
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