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Originally posted by Shinobi:
My favorite suppressed ammo is the Federal American Eagle 22 suppressor , copper plated and 900ish FPS. Hard to get during these times sadly.

At one time I bought a case of this. As you note it was very good if not slightly more expensive than say CCI SV. Wish I would have bought multiple cases. Maybe we’ll see in quantity offerings again some day.

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I have a Ruger Mark IV that i use with a Silencerco Sparrow. I usually shoot the American Eagle 45 Grain Suppressor rounds through it that others have mentioned. I use that same ammo in my 10/22 with a 16” barrel and haven’t noticed a supersonic crack. I’ve found the 45 Grain subsonic tend to work really well and I also use the Winchester M22 Subsonic rounds. Every once in a while I’ll run a mag of the “full power” CCI through it as I find it tends to break up a lot of the copper/carbon fouling in the can.
I have never noticed any key holing with this ammo.
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I bought some Gemtech .22 suppressor ammo. They look very suspiciously like the CCI standard. I basically shoot CCI standard out of my Sparrow. It's quiet enough.

I experience the same type of failure to cycle the slide with the Quiet .22 ammo.
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There is generally 4 velocity levels for 22 LR:
The super low velocity rounds such as cb longs ,cci quiet and similar which generally will not cycle semi auto guns
2) standard velocity which is coincidentally all subsonic ( to my mind all the subsonic branded ammo is a way to sell standard velocity ammo with a catchy name attached) which is generally listed at between 1050-1125 feet per second depending on brand.
3) high velocity which is pretty much the current most common in your big box store bulk pack varieties, or cci mini mag as the most popular example usually listed at 1200-1300 FPS
4) hyper velocity which is usually attained with use of a lighter 30-35 grain bullet and listed velocities over 1400 FPS
With the possible exception of hyper velocity, in a sub 5” barrel all will run below speed of sound.
I generally shoot standard velocity almost exclusively as it tends to be better quality and consistency and almost universally more accurate than high or hyper velocity
From what I can tell most boutique “suppressor” labeled ammo is simply regular standard velocity ammo in different packaging.
The exception is the heavier bullet weights at 45 grains.
I am excited to start into using a suppressor ( just ordered my first one, the wait begins!) but have considered the lowly 22 my favorite all time cartridge
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I was able to obtain several samples of ammo ranging from 38-45 grains.

My setup does seem to prefer 40grain projectiles best. I can plink around in my backyard with about any brand of 40 grain ammo and it sounds terrific.

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Originally posted by rsbolo:
SigM4 I have some CCI SV to try out. 40gr stuff I think. I am anxious to learn what works best with my combo.

Definitely try those out. In my experience, CCI Standard Velocity rounds are one of, if not the best, all around 22 rounds, especially for suppressed shooting. Another good one that is usually a little less expensive is Federal's AutoMatch 22 if you happen to have any of that around or can find it?
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Through trial and error I have found the CCI Standard Velocity works well for me and cycles on all my pistols and rifles suppressed. I think it is rated at 1070 fps.
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Thanks to all of you on this thread.. I have a Volquartsen Scorpion and ordered a Sparrow. Your feedback to the OP saved me from making a huge mistake of buying 5,000 rounds of Quiet ammo instead of standard velocity. Very grateful to everyone!
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Yeah, I picked up two boxes of CCI Quiet hoping they would be quiet enough for urban backyard pest control duty. Not the case. They're quieter than the standard velocity stuff, especially with a can on, but it still sounds like a gun shot and would certainly catch the neighbors' attention. Besides, it won't cycle the action on my .22 pistol - sometimes it will eject the empty but more often it sticks in the chamber.
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