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Thank you and thanks for the link.


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Originally posted by jhe888:
Probably a commercial Thompson gun, with cooling fins, a compensator, and the drum magazine.

But a modern 9mm, like an H&K would also be a lot of fun.

And if price is no object, and an unlimited ammo budget, a mini-gun and a M2.

Neither my gun nor my ammo budgets are currently unlimited... hoping to change that.

I'll probably end up getting a shooter 1928 commercial Thompson, with the eventual goal of getting a shootable but all original 1921 Colt. They're just too cool.

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I have MP5s (sear guns), UZIs (Vector/Group full-size), M16s (factory Colts), and a S&H sear FNC.

Still on my purchase list are a Swedish K, M60 in e4 or e6 configuration, and a Steyr AUG.

Personally for $40k I would be inclined to buy a HK sear in an all German MP5 host. My MP5-N is my favorite shooter. That said, I also love my M16s. You could buy a factory Colt M16 and have $15k to spare.

Re: the Thompson, every time I start thinking I want a Thompson, I shoot one and am reminded that I don’t actually like shooting them.

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If money were no object, I'd love to own an interwar 9mm European SMG. One of the early generation of pre-WW2 SMGs, with high quality production using milled steel and wood, before everyone switched to cheaper stampings during/after WW2.

Something like a MP28/Lanchester, MP34, MP35, Erma EMP, ZK-383, Suomi M31, Beretta M38, etc.
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I've got a Colt M16 with uppers, the original 20" 5.56 it came with but also a Colt 10.5" 556, Colt 9mm Commando smg, Colt LMG in addition to some aftermarket uppers one in 5.7, an Ares Defense Beltfed in 223, no-name 7.62x39 and CMMG 22LR to name a few.

HK Registered Auto-Sear and several hosts in 9mm and 223

and lastly, Cobray M-11 with a 6" and LAGE upper

I wasn't able to get into the FA game until after 2012, but even then the firearms themselves were under $40K it the other uppers, hosts and accessories that put it way over your budget

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I always wanted a MA DUECE mounted in the bed of my truck. {sigh} Smile
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I went with a Terry Dyer built transferable HK21E/23E/11E. Wish it was only $40,000!!
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There is no limit to what one can spend on full auto guns these days. There are a few that I would like to own, but just can't rationalize the current prices.
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I got into NFA and honestly rifle caliber select fire is fun, but expensive to shoot and hard to find a place to shoot them. I’ve had more fun with pistol caliber select fire. I will second others opinions on the Tommy gun. It is heavy and awkward to shoot compared to others. I worked for an NFA dealer for 6 years and got to shoot a bunch of stuff.

That said, I do want to get an AC556 someday. Harkening back to my childhood with the A-Team. :-)

My only select fire NFA is a 1972 Powder Springs M10 with Lage upper.


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