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Originally posted by hrcjon:
I'm fairly certain local LEOs don't really have any jurisdiction over NFA items

I don't get this or the corresponding thoughts by Dwill104.
I think in almost every State there is a prohibition on possession with an exception for properly NFA registered items (does you State actually permit machineguns? I'd like to see one that does?)
So in that case the local police have a State law violation and of course they have jurisdiction on that.


They also have the ability to, at minimum, present cases to the US Attorney for prosecution. If there is probable cause to believe your NFA item is possessed illegally, the overwhelming (and I mean OVERWHELMING) likelihood is that that they will be able to legally seize it.

This may be a "you might beat the rap, but you won't beat the ride" situation if your stuff is legal. It's so much easier to just have a copy of your paperwork accessible and to present it if it's requested by anybody with a badge.

I could ramble on for paragraphs about three legal issues at play, the potential outcomes, etc., but at the end of the day, "yep, here's a copy of my approved form with stamp" is a nearly sure way to not have to find out. If that doesn't work, then "I'm a free man and do not have to show you anything" wasn't going to work either.
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When I take my Suppressors out of the safe and travel with them away from the house, I have a color copy of the paperwork for each with me in the range bag.
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I keep a copy that is laminated in the clipboard I use for targets. It goes with the gun bag when I leave the house. The original stays in the safe.

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Just today at the indoor range I was shooting my CGS-9 and Dead Air Mask, one of the employees came up and asked if I had a copy of my tax stamp. I have laminated miniature color photocopies of my Form 4’s with each item as well as a scanned PDF in my phone. The originals stay in the safe!

The employee was almost apologizing for the intrusion and said “We have to ask” but I was fine with it anyway; I didn’t perceive it as a problem that he asked. Funny thing is last time I shot there when I had just gotten my Mask I asked about it but they didn’t even ask to see the Form 4. Today I had been shooting the Mod-9 a while but had stopped to rest, and that’s when came up and tapped me on the shoulder. He was very polite and courteous about it. I hadn’t yet pulled out the Mask, but I showed him the Form 4 for it also to save him having to come back and ask later.

In an ideal world a tax stamp/Form 4 wouldn’t be required anyway, but that’s not the current reality.

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No NFA stuff in my state, but I do have extra evil registered assault weapons. Roll Eyes
I keep a copy of mein papers (wis ze German accent) rolled up in the hollow compartment of the Magpul grips. (there may be one in the stock of one of my Benelli's as well, don't recall for sure now)
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