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Hi everybody,
I am a beginner. So, please forgive me for may be some silly questions. However, I really need your professional advice. I just bought Glock 19 Gen5. I have the very nice neighbors and I do not like to bother them with a laud shooting sound during my pistol training at my property. So, I need a suppressor. I have the three major questions. 1. To connect a suppressor, I understand that I need to replace the barrel on my Glock to the threaded barrel. What is the best a threaded barrel you recommend for Glock 19, Gen5? 2. After I put the threaded barrel, do I need anything else to put to my Glock to connect a suppressor? 3. What is the best, the quietest silencer for Glock 19, Gen5 you recommend? Thank you very much in advance for your professional answers, for your time and for your consideration. Best Regards, Igor.
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Here's the basics on suppressors.

How to mount a suppressor to a pistol.
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It’s always difficult to answer the “which is the best” question, because people are looking for different things, and there are usually trade-offs involved. Generally, a bigger suppressor will be quieter, but then it will also likely be heavier, longer, and larger in diameter, which will block the sights even more. You can look at lists like this for a start.

Current wait times on getting a suppressor are about 8 months or more, so be prepared to wait. I’m still waiting on one that went in at the end of December.
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To add on to the previous post, one Suppressor NOT listed in the SilencerShop 'Best 9mm Suppressor choices of 2021' chart that you may want to consider is the Silencerco Osprey. At 9.8 oz, it is lighter than all of those listed. It is unique in that it has an offset bore deign and is polygonal in shape. As such, it generally does NOT require 'suppressor height' sights for most pistols or force you to aim 'through the Suppressor', though that feature may not offer as much advantage with the Glock 19. Also, at the time it was released, the Osprey was considered the 'quietest' 9mm Suppressor on the market. That said, manufacturers have since ceased quoting dB ratings for Suppressors as sound and more importantly, tone are somewhat subjective.

One disadvantage of the Osprey is that it cannot be disassembled for cleaning, though I've not found that to be an issue. Suppressed or not, I only use clean shooting ammo, and stay away from the dirty/cheap stuff!

Couple of other things for you to consider:

Shooting 147gr ammo will result in 'quieter' report as it is SubSonic by design....The projectile never breaks the sound barrier, and as such, there's NO Supersonic 'crack' emitted.

Though suppressed gunfire is significantly quieter, EVERYONE will still know you're shooting a firearm....Only .22LR is 'Hollywood Quiet'! Wink

Most consider 'Suppressed Pistol' shooting just that, shooting....NOT Training. The combination functions primarily as a range toy for most. I say this because beyond practicing 'trigger control', there's not much that crosses over to 'real world' handgun use, especially if the primary purpose of the firearm is defensive and you'd typically shoot a different round (124gr, etc).

Regarding a Threaded Barrel, IMO you'll be best served by chasing down a Glock OEM Barrel, if you can find one. While others may have a different opinion, most will agree that you can't beat Glock OEM in this regard.


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No real help but I used Silencer shop and did it all digitally. I recommend their service. Good luck.

One thought is in trying to satisfy your neighbors is always a loosing proposition. Don't go down that road. You are planning to spend $1000. Well they will be offended no matter what you do. Just a thought.

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New to the suppressor game myself...does subsonic 9 MM really help reduce the sound level in addition to the suppressor?

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Originally posted by Jimbo Jones:
New to the suppressor game myself...does subsonic 9 MM really help reduce the sound level in addition to the suppressor?

Yes, quite a bit. However, it still sounds about like a loud nail gun.

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I worked in a shop for 6 years and was the NFA sales guy. I can recommend picking a suppressor that “you” like. After shooting a ton of suppressors, I can tell you the sound difference between them is often only detectable with sound measuring equipment.

I say for you to get the one you like because the second-hand suppressor market is basically non-existent. If you try to sell your suppressor, the buyer will have to pay the $200 federal tax on it and wait for it to get approved before they can take possession of it. Most people would rather just buy a new one if they have to wait. Dealers are hesitant to take them in on trade because they have to pay the $200 to receive it from you that they don’t have to pay if getting one from a distributor or manufacturer.

For your Glock, a threaded barrel and maybe some taller “suppressor height” sights are in order. You may have to replace your recoil spring and guide rod too. I had a suppressed Glock several years ago and if I remember right, the piston on the suppressor was making contact with the Glock captured spring and guide rod. That may not be the case now though. I haven’t run a can on a Glock in a while.

As a warning, NFA stuff gets addicting! :-)

Good luck and let us know how you make out!

BTW, to make the best use of your suppressor, running subsonic ammo really helps. The can with suppress the “bang” of the gun going off, the subsonic ammo will help with the “crack” of the round flying supersonic to the target. In 9MM, the usually means running at least 147gr ammo instead of 115gr or 124gr.


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