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Trying to store 5 cans .22 to 308 in a case that keeps all the pistons & other misc parts all in one place, organized and accessible and have an impressive appeal all its own. I'm imagining a pelican briefcase that sat flat when open (180degree lid) or something like that and thought you all may have suggestions. Thank you!
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How many pistons and misc parts? The Pelican case is perfect for the suppressors. Pistons fit best in a lure box with multiple compartments.
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Lure box inside a Pelican case? Sounds like a good solution to me.

That said, there's sometimes a difference between storage and transport. Most of the time, when I'm off to the range the last thing I need to lug along is yet another bag/case/box/whatever. So I normally just drop my can(s) into my range bag, each with its own suitable pouch. When they're at home they stay in the safe. If you're talking about taking your suppressor carry-all to the range with you, just be sure to let the cans cool a bit before putting them back into the case.
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My CGS Mod-9 came in an SKB case (model 3i-0702-1B-E) with custom foam inserts. As sold on the SKB website the case has no inserts. It lists for $29.99 on the SKB website. You can add your own foam.

For my DeadAir Mask, which comes in a pouch inside a large padded cardboard box, I wanted the same case, but the SKB site was sold out at the time, and other sites I checked (Amazon) either didn’t have them or they were over MSRP. So, I ended up buying the SKB model 3i-0702-1B-CC for $39.99 which is designed to carry 2 cigars. Because of that, it comes with foam inserts shaped to fit 2 cigars, and it works perfectly for my Mask. There’s even room to carry the cap tool in the case. I keep a wallet-sized laminated color copy of my Form 4 in there as well.

As Expert308 mentioned, just make sure the cans are cool before you put them into the cases with the foam.

On the end of the case, I marked with a silver Sharpie which can is inside, so I don’t grab the case with the Mask and find out when I get to the range with my G19X that I grabbed the wrong one. (Of course, if I mistakenly grabbed the Mod-9 and only have my 22/45 with me I’d still be okay. Wink )

Now I can just put those cases into my range bag without worry.

Of course, SKB makes larger cases that would work for larger cans, and Pelican has several as well.

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I use this from Cole-tac for my cans. I only have 5 cans and I use the other pouches to house the other suppressor items.

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