Traded for PVs14...$2,700 for gun & remaining package... now Traded

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March 26, 2017, 10:28 AM
Traded for PVs14...$2,700 for gun & remaining package... now Traded
Traded for PVS14

Update: mag loader/unloader now Sold. Remaining accessories now $200...but for 1 mag going w the gun. If you want to buy an accessory listed, separately, email and ask.

Update: Sorry typo... yes it is IB

Update : A3 stock sold below so pricing for the other accessories is now $250 not $500

Update: I have been asked if I would sell the A3 stock separately, and I would at $250 shipped.

Update: A member emailed and says the bolt carrier appears for a mp5 and the end caps maybe for a mp5. These were all with the trade so I appreciate this.

HK 91 w A-2 stock w installed shell deflector and carry handle: $2,500 or add all accessories below for $3,000.

Payment by usps or bank to bank transfer are preferred, or personal checks are fine if you do not mind me waiting to ship until they clear and you have been a member for years. No trades.

"IG" date code - 1981. Correction IB date code; see photo.


Email for more pictures.

Your ffl must accept from a private person.

Shipped in a hard case to your ffl ups ground. I will ship the extras separately.

It has the following accessories:

Installed Carry Handle

Installed Brass Deflector

Installed flapper kit by Tac-Latch

A2 stock

A3 stock Sold separately

End cap

End cap w sling attachment

Owner lost plug that goes in cocking tube which is cosmetic only and does not affect function; it is readily available at under $20 on hk parts boards.

I got this in a large trade. The owner also had a HK 94 and SP89 which I have sold. Everything is in excellent condition. I believe all is original German. The 30 round mag is the exception. The A3 stock did not appear to have been used before I put it on in the last month. I fired this and it functions well as others I have owned.

ARMS G3 rail/claw mount with rings

UGG claw mount w rings

Simmons 3x9 scope

Propoint red dot

Custom extra flash hider (unsure of manufacturer but reportedly far superior to factory one on it now)

HK Steel loader/unloader Sold

Several Mags 20 rounders and 1 30 rounder

HK Sling

Extra bolt carrier (I believe it is a full auto bolt carrier, in case you ever get a transferable sear)

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March 26, 2017, 12:52 PM
I'll take the A3 stock
Email sent Smile
March 26, 2017, 08:04 PM
FYI: "IG" date code is 1986 not 1981. A !981 date code would be "IB".