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hey guys, I'm looking for a used but reliable and simple to use shot timer. I like the sounds of a competition electronics pocket pro II. but if you all have something else I would be willing to consider it.

email is in my profile.


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Be skeptical of anyone contacting you by only email, possibly claiming to be such-and-such SIGforum member, wanting either to sell what you're looking for or claiming to know somebody that has it and "here's their email address." That kind of thing is almost a guarantee they're scammers. It's best to insist all offers must first be posted to this thread, with follow-ups via email.

See: Scammer

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Qwerty357, EM just sent. I’ve got one on my bench that’s just collecting dust as I’m not competitively shooting as much nowadays. Ill get you the make and model and some photos when I get home from work.
ETA-email just sent...

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