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Follow up from discussion in rifle room

I’m looking for a Knights Armamnet M4 RAS Forend

@Oat_Action_Man: looks like thread was closed.
I’d love to take you up on your offer if still available. Didn’t see your email? Can you message me?
(FYI. Internet super sketchy here, so pardon any delayed replies. But I’ll be home in 5-6 weeks and would love to have this waiting for me. I’ve got PayPal and Apple Pay)

Thanks all!
- SFC H.

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That thread was closed because it devolved into B/S/T, which is verboten outside of Classifieds.

Btw, watch out for anyone contacting you via your email only without posting in this thread, claiming to be so and so member and selling the stuff you're looking for. Your scammer red flag should go up pronto, especially now that your email has been posted on the open forum for all to see.


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I’ve got a very salty Vero with Vero panels and a Vero stubby ( near impossible to find an oem stubby; nevermind a Vero marked ).
I have a pristine Titusville with matching panel/VFG pouch.
Both come with (an extra) new in package RAS screw. Either is a firm $400.00 shipped
Some form of electronic payment preferred. Email me through this site if interested.
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I think I have one! Shoot me an email to remind me, and I will look tomorrow when I get home.

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