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First off, just stick to the facts. I said I would take it if you accepted my conditions which were 2. Mail it next month to the Florida address and cash instead of a money order. I never changed terms. You accepted those. Now you sound like I fucking talked you into taking cash like somehow you are being the bigger man by taking cash over a post office check. If you like I can post the exact email where I offered those as my conditions and I can quote myself, “if it gets lost in the mail then that’s on me”.

You absolutely are off your fucking meds. You are changing events and clearly you think you are a psychic because it “seems to be heading down the same road”. Because what? I emailed you that the cash was being sent on day 5? What the fuck is wrong with you man? Why did you send an email saying thanks and then mood shift to “No sir. Just no” 49 minutes later? That’s crazy. You are crazy.

Read the fucking sticky at the top of the forum. It lays out the rules. 7 days. I’m not pulling that number out of my ass. If you want payment mailed on the day of the sale then fucking put that in your ad. Good luck with that by the way.

You got burned by crazy 12 day Beretta mag guy. Not my fucking problem. You are pissed at him but bringing your crazy down on me. You just can’t see it though.

Yup. Feats of strength are next except you’ll be on your own because unless I’m asked something by Para I’m done with your crazy ass.
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Peace through
superior firepower
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OK, then
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