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239-9mm Mags/recoil spring kits sold to i8mtm
MRO sold to Kduly
Strider and 2 sheaths sold to Legal Beagle.

Sold Trijicon MRO Below off 9mm Colt suppressed Sold
I am taking this Trijicon MRO which I have on a suppressed 9mm which I sighted in; it came from a member here and I selling it for what I paid- $350 shipped -- to raise funds to buy a German commercial Sig 225 today. Full cowitness factory mount. Shipping priority mail.


Still available Sig 239-9 mags 8-round marked made in Italy; $35 each free shipping priority mail: Selling 5 at this time; recoil spring kits selling 2 at this time at $20 each. Mags are as new but out of packages and had sticker on each so remove residue w rubbing alcohol.

(Sold) Strider DBL fixed blade 4"blade, 1/4" width! $325 Shipped, which is what I paid and an awesome price for a rare knife that is very hard to find.

Awesome See article below and a video I found on line.

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I’ll take the Strider, please.
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Will take the MRO as discussed. Thank you sir. Will get payment out to you in the morning
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Amat victoria curam
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I will take all 5 of the 239-9 mags and both of the recoil spring kits.

Email inbound.


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