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Looking for a Sig 556. Prefer the classic models furniture but I suppose I’m open to any. Would be awesome to do a FTF in the Atlanta area but since that’s a bit of a long shot I’m certainly fine with having it shipped to my FFL. Please email me. If you’re a scammer don’t even bother…I’m not dumb.
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Nullus Anxietas
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Be skeptical of anyone contacting you by only email, possibly claiming to be such-and-such SIGforum member, wanting either to sell what you're looking for or claiming to know somebody that has it and "here's their email address." That kind of thing is almost a guarantee they're scammers. It's best to insist all offers must first be posted to this thread, with follow-ups via email.

See: Scammer

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I have a Sig556 Classic that I am interested in selling. I will send photos and info to you via e-mail.

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What's your budget? I've got two I'd consider parting with one. These things tend to be worth more parted on GB than complete.

white camo one with all Swiss furniture (green so as it wears, it fits the scheme). Also includes matched Swiss three-hole HG. Swiss gas block, Swiss N+ front sight and real Swiss diopter setup welded to the removable top rail.

Here's the other....ambi as well. I'd put the original black Classic handguard and Swiss style triangle folder back on it.


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PGT. I am going to send you an email for details on those 2 rifles. Depending on things I might be interested in one.
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