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On the rare occasion that you see this knife- which was made for about one year IIRC- they are almost always in this condition. It makes sense. Back in 1957 when these knives were introduced, they were merely tools, to be used and sometimes abused, and if damaged, they were easily and inexpensively replaced.

Of course, the Pioneer- in its second version- was adopted in 1962 (as the Soldier 1961) as the official Soldier's Knife for the Swiss Army and was issued up until 2007, when this 93mm chassis was replaced by a 111mm chassis.

Here's something you see very rarely- a near-mint example of a Pioneer first version. Pricing information of these knives in this kind of condition is scant, but if I had to guess, I'd say this knife would bring 6 or 700 dollars on the collector's market. There are Victorinox Alox knives made for Swiss Bianco, which are on ebay right now for about 500 dollars, and though those knives are uncommon, a first version Pioneer in the condition you see here is far rarer.

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Wow! That’s a beautiful example. Alox Swiss Army Knives are one of my favorite things. I have a number of them, but nothing that rare and special. Carry one most every day. They have a certain old-school elegance about them and are very functional. I Didn’t know you were a SAK collector, so that is great to know! I’ll have to post some picture of my accumulation some point.

Thanks for sharing!

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I mostly carry my silver alox knives since they hide the wear better than the colors. I think the oldest alox I have right now is a 1983 Wenger standard issue and I like the bail on it.

I sold most of my colored alox, but still have a few. These pictures are about 10 years old I'd say. I almost didn't notice the Shooboy hammer in the background of the second pic.

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Oddly enough I’ve been trying to resist an urge to buy the new Pioneer in Thunder Gray Alox. I’m sort of an occasional casual collector who uses several models like the deluxe tinker, alox Soldier, and Swiss Champ. Have a few special ones and have sold some rare ones. Plan to head back to Switzerland next year for vacation and I’ll be shopping for deals and rare models. I need to take some pictures I guess since there is at least one or two more Swiss Army knife fans. Years back I came across a larger SAK and someone had inscribed their name on one of the blades and hit a grinder on the back accidentally. I gave less than $5 for it. Sent it to Victorinox to have it refinished and got back what was practically a new knife. They didn’t charge me anything.
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Very nice. Victorinox is easily my favorite knife maker.
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I too carry a silver Alox pioneer. One of the handiest knives I own. Recently acquired a few of the colored Alox pioneers. Amazing how quickly they increase in value..

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