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The Quiet Man

I checked with the Honorable Mick Dundee and he confirms that this is, in fact, a knife. Do I have a practical use for it? No. Not at all. But if I run across something that absolutely, positively has to be stabbed, I'm equipped.

Build quality is super nice. I'm probably going to pick up another of his blades in a more...carryable...size.
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Frangas non Flectes
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Holy shit! Eek

Yeah. That's stabby.

"It's good for you, because it's got chia seeds and mayonnaise!"
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Misanthropic Philanthrope
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A stabby needs to stab or it never serves its purpose. You don't want your stabby to feel unfulfilled, do you? Wink

Originally posted by Psychobastard:
Well, we "gave them democracy"... not unlike giving a monkey a loaded gun.

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Damn, that's a long blade. Ya could pick foil wrapped 'taters out of a fire with it, no problem!

Unhappy ammo seeker
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... is that a skewer on your hip or are ya just glad to see me
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