“Gentleman’s” Bird and Trout⚔️

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November 21, 2020, 04:15 AM
“Gentleman’s” Bird and Trout⚔️
I have a wonderful customer that wanted something “Eye catching” for the bird hunts he so loves to do. (These guys go all out on these hunts). No worries, I would say we accomplished that.. The “ Gentleman’s Bird and Trout” CPM154 and Faux Rose MOP. It’s a looker! Oooooh and a cutter......
November 21, 2020, 06:42 AM
Thats a well done B&T, a gentleman's version for sure. The sheath matches the scales quite well.

Nice! Cool

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November 21, 2020, 04:37 PM
drill sgt
Sir that is a beautiful piece of art. I would be afraid to use it. ...............drill sgt.
November 21, 2020, 10:03 PM
That is very nice!


December 04, 2020, 02:36 PM
Good design! In my opinion, many people mess up a bird and trout knife.