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Sorry that I don't know how to post video, but this knife designer managed to create something I thought was pretty cool:

Alberto describes the knife's background and its operation...
I was in my lab one evening, it was very late and I was struggling with a small folding knife that did not want to work properly. In a moment of reflection, I realised that, to my knowledge, the blade of a folding knife has to be shorter than the handle, and this did not sit well with me. It was then that I took a piece of paper the same size as the knife, drew two dots, inserted two pins and attached two more pieces of paper. This was the start of a two-and-a-half-year journey that led to the Lockin’ pivot sliding knife.

It all began with a few sketches and a paper design, a wooden model, an initial virtual projection and a 3D home-printed model in blue plastic. After a while the project came to a halt due to its apparent complexity. One year later, the 'Artigenio' award, a competition for “makers with plans in the pipeline”, was advertised on social media. I decided to enter with the blue plastic knife and a few months later I won a considerable amount of money (10 thousand euros) to spend on developing my project.

I then put the idea to Repiks, my start-up that was specifically founded to develop and patent technologically innovative products. Thanks to the 'Artigenio' prize money and Repiks' engineering and communication expertise, the project saw an instant surge in quality.

This knife, in which the various components form an articulated quadrilateral, opens and closes by means of a pivoting sliding motion. The handle breaks up as the knife closes, expanding to cover the entire length of the fixed blade (the cutting edge is 180 mm long).

The handle reforms when the knife is opened, shrinking to around 130 mm, making the knife less cumbersome to use than a folding knife of similar size. The contact surfaces between the different components of the five-pin, open-configuration system are all different, which enhance the knife's strength and robustness. The double safety means that the knife can be used, opened and closed with either hand.

The prototype knife is 320 mm long when open, 200 mm long when closed and weighs 407 g. It is made almost entirely of 440C stainless steel and can be completely disassembled into its 47 components, with M3 burnished hardened steel or stainless steel screws.

The two folders are made of C80 steel. The two safety buttons are made of 1.2-mm 6Al4V titanium, while the bolsters are made of multi-layered cherry wood and carbon fibre. The knife comes with a prototype leather sheath.

While the cam action is neat, I wouldn't want to get my fingers caught between it and the folding blade!
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LOVE the blade shape but the mechanism, no.......
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Well crafted piece of needless complexity.

Remember, this is all supposed to be for fun...................
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