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I found an old tool box with one in it on a property I own. It is pretty old. Rusted up. Think it was probably used as an oyster shucker. Point is worn to a pointy blunt end.

I took a flat file to the edge and now it is pretty darn sharp. Guess I will try to file the tip back to a point. I think if I take a wire wheel to it the rust will come off. Feels great in the hand. I would call it a bit of a skinier bowie type knife. I am not sure if it is WW2 era. Could be a fitting knife. I am thinking it is maybe late 50's or early 60's. Just a guess though. You guys?

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Kutmaster made some pretty good knives. I have an old Kutmaster Barlow, probably from back in the 1940's that still gets some pocket time occasionally.

Do what you want, it's your knife; but I wouldn't use a wire wheel & files on it. It should be easy enough to restore it, starting with something like 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper & work your way up to maybe 1500 grit. Then polish it with Flitz, Never Dull, or something like that. It won't get rid of all the pitting, but that's OK. It's a vintage knife after all. It'll take maybe an hour or two, but the results will be a heck of a lot nicer.

After that, I'd start working on an edge with increasing grits on a belt sharpener, or a set of good stones.


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What does the brain trust think about using something like Evaporust to de-rust rather than mechanical abrasion? I have an old carbon steel cleaver that I am considering getting back in usable condition. I'm afraid if I start with the sandpaper, there may not be anything left to sharpen.
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