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Originally posted by Warhorse:
I usually carry two, one for everyday tasks, and one for "social emergencies".

I like that Smile

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Two always. A small SAK, the one with one blade and a chisel grind, and either an Emerson ETAK or Benchmade Bedlam lately.
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I generally don't, but I also don't carry a knife for self defense purposes. I carry a folder, one of my Delicas, whenever permissible. I also have a small multitool on my keychain with a larger one in my backpack, but both are blade-less. There have been times when I've carried a smaller folder in addition to (or instead of, depending on the circumstances) my Delicas, a little pink-handled Ladybug.

I have thought about carrying a second knife, a small fixed-blade like the TDI, as a back-up for self defense/weapon retention use.

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Originally posted by jhe888:
Let me ask the people who carry a knife for defense this question:

Everyone seems to carry a knife with a refined, very sharp edge for this purpose, and reserves a "beater" for use in opening boxes, cutting apples, paring fingernails, etc. Why? It seems that the actual cutting tool is the one you want to be very sharp. A fighter doesn't need to be like a razor. It will be used with some force, and anything reasonably sharp should be plenty sharp enough. Hell, it may be mostly a stabbing implement, and not do much slashing, in which case super sharpness would seem even less critical. In short, why isn't fairly sharp sharp enough for a fighter? Save the scalpel for the actual cutting tasks.

I agree.
I usually carry one of my traditional Great Eastern Cutlery folders in a front pocket, and a ColonelBlades for defense. The CB is designed for a punching style use an not slashing.
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Two knives for EDC. Use either for whatever. Just keep ‘em sharp!
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I carried two identical ones in the same pocket yesterday. Roll Eyes

I carry that little yellow Case in my front pocket every day. At some point I misplaced it and bought another, then found the old one. So I keep the spare on my desk. I must have used it at some point and put it back in my pocket out of habit. I was out and about yesterday and felt odd... "Why does it feel like there's so much stuff in my pocket? Reach in an pulled them out side by side. Duh! Big Grin

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I often carry 2 plus a leatherman.

The first knife is a nice one (Spyderco, Benchmade, Hogue).

The second knife is a cheap one (CRKT Squid usually) which is used for opening boxes or when a friend/coworker says "Can I borrow your knife?".

Then I always have a Leatherman Rebar in my pocket or for certain work situations I'll have a Leatherman Wave on my belt.

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