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Approx 7 years ago, my patrol car was burglarized, in a gated community on a golf course. They( he/she) got three handguns, a ballistic vest and my Merc Worx Sniper Chili. Two of the guns were on loan from the Sig factory for testing (that was a hard call to make) my back-up CZ 9mm (got that back from when a neighboring agency took it off a gang banger two years ago) and the Merc Worx was a present from my wife, after hearing me whine about how much they cost.

The only thing my agency lost was the vest, so they weren't that bent about it, especially since I was storing everything according to policy. Sig was VERY understanding about the P229s, and I never really liked the CZ anyway. But that Merc Worx- damn those little fucking bastards to hell. I had fantasies about catching them with that knife. Dark fantasies. Merc Worx (back then) would make your knife how you want it, no markings or identifying numbers etc. I knew I would never see that blade again. Even if someone in my own agency found it, I prob wouldn't know. That is still true, I have not seen that knife again.

I did swallow my pride, and last week my new Sniper Chili was delivered. However- if you ever see a Sniper Chili with a Duracoated handle...I still have those fantasies.
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MercWorx were nice knives. I had two of them--a Sniper and an Orion, but eventually sold them to people who liked them more than me.

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I have the Atropos folder. It's a nice knife.
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What kind of idiot burglarizes a patrol car?

Must be the same kind that plays tag with Rottweilers.
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