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I got a Microtech Dirac. That is the one on top, with the button on the side. I had the UTX85 previously. The Dirac is a little smaller than the UTX85, but carries even smaller - it is just trimmer. The clip is smaller on the Dirac, which helps it feel less bulky.

Both have blades just a little under 3". As usual, the quality of Microtech is stellar. The Dirac may have a slightly even more solid feel than the UTX85, and definitely requires less effort to fire and retract.

I wanted one that wasn't black, but Microtech isn't making Diracs at the moment, and the only ones that anyone has in stock are black, except for some of the semi-customs.

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Very nice sir. Buddy of mine has a Dirac, I got the utx-85. I do like his alot as well.

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