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My wife found her Fathers old Case Trapper in a box of stuff.

She asked I clean it up. I have most of the grime and crud off of it.

It was a well used knife, the blades have been sharpened (not professionally) and it shows.

What can I use to restore the luster of the bone?

Thank you.

Niech Zyje P-220

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Scotch bride pad.. a little 3 in 1 oil and some patience! I LOVE restoring knives!!
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Some good info here. I picked up an old Klein electrician's knife at a flea market over the weekend for $2.65. Other than being a little dirty, it appears to be in great shape. I'd like to clean it up and give it to my son, who's an electrician.

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I'd just clean the dirt off it. Gently. No scratchy Scotch Brite or sandpaper. I wouldn't try to polish to bone or the steel. You'll fuck it up and remove years of genuinely acquired patina and love.

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Might try just carrying it in your pocket. Personally I put a bit of oil on my hand (bacon grease) rub that into the bone, and put it in my pocket with my change. Give it the same treatment a couple times. It's how it got the original finish, why not more of the same?

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