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My short-term improvement list in order:
o increase on-hand supply of bottled water and dog food to 90 days
o diversify and increase fuel and options for cooking / boiling water
o couple cases of cheap [high calorie] shelf stable food like Ramen noodles, mac-n-cheese if shit really drags on (this stuff has like 12-18 month shel life, in the end I can toss it or donate it to the shelter and replace it and not be out $$$
o rain catchment something
o modest battery/solar setup for fans and small device charging
o figure out a way to stop potential backflow of sewage from the public sewer into my home (granted low risk, but high consequence)
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My bass boat has a 50 gal. tank and I keep it full that way I can transfer with my hand pump for whatever it is needed, generator, chainsaw etc...
Plus I try to keep 5 gal. cans full

I know it's only 50 gallons plus cans but it's better than not having none at all.
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Power, water, food, heat, fuels, comms Wink, first aid (I need a pocket sized TQ if anyone has a source), I need to work on the Go-bag (e.g. my apt building is on fire and I can't get back in for a couple weeks type of s-show). other self preservation items are generally implied.
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Whole house generator with two 100 gallon propane tanks.

200+ gallons of heating oil/diesel fuel in addition to the one for the furnace. Amount varies depending on how much I've burned in the shop furnace and how much I've used in the tractor.

A wood stove for backup, with 30-60 day supply of seasoned wood.

A propane camp stove for cooking.

At least two methods of transportation that are strictly mechanical (EMP-proof)

Minimum of 30 days worth of food, double or triple that for canned goods especially if we KNOW it's going to be a while and ration accordingly.

My own well, plus 6-8 cases of bottled water.

Not on any ultra-critical meds, but 60-90 days of BP and cholesterol meds. Plenty of aspirin/Tylenol/Ibuprofen. Don't really have a first aid kit, should probably do something about that.

Enough ammo in multiple calibers to SERIOUSLY discourage poachers.

A bad attitude.

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At home, a brief rundown is:
Four 55 gallon drums of treated drinking water and a Berkey for further filtration.
About three months of emergency food for the three of us.
Wood burning stove.
Plenty of med/trauma supplies, prescriptions, etc.
Radios (amateur).
Guns, lots of guns.

Biggest hole in my situation is power. I’ve been researching solar generators lately.

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About 6 months worth of food, garden in the summers, canning in the fall.
A month or two of frozen foods, to include meat
9k inverter generator, dual fuel, 260lbs of propane on hand
I live in the country, so always critters to hunt if needed.
Well on the property is a shallow well, we can get water with a bucket if needed.
About 60 Days worth of meds on hand. Along with first aid supplies.
Around 100 gallons of diesel, for the truck and tractor, and usually 20 Gallons of ethanol free gas on hand.
Usually anywhere between 2 and 6 cords of firewood on hand and about 30 lbs of charcoal.
2 cases of toilet paper, a case of paper towels, etc… on hand.
Wood stove
Ham radio equipment
Guns and ammo
Chickens for eggs and meat

My wife and I have been talking about solar, batteries and inverter large enough to run the house. I’m thinking the next couple of years may be a bitch with power and fuels.

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What kind of "disaster"?

Rural setting with land and a pond

Generator and sufficient fuel to run generator for pumping water and maintaining refrigeration

Back up hand pump and well if unable to run primary well on generator

Kerosene lamps and kerosene

Spare bedroom was converted to pantry. We have non perishable food for a year. Food preservation supplies of salt, canning lids and 3 large pressure canners.

A chicken flock and goat herd along with a ton of the "king's deer" in the back field along with a lifetime of hunting and trapping experience.

Ammo enough to discourage predators.

Enough medical training and supplies to deal most manageable conditions or injuries.

A wife who is a hardcore farmsteader and one who asks anyone that states "we're just coming over to your place" if they are familiar with the term Long Pork.

Writing the next chapter that I've been looking forward to.
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