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Originally posted by Fly-Sig:

If you are a solid motorcycle mechanic or pay one to inspect the bike, maybe. But I would expect extensive work needs to be done, even if an inspection doesn't uncover much.

BTDT with a bike for my daughter. Shortly after starting to use it, a bunch of little things started going bad which became expensive. Fork seals, all the rubber hoses, turn signal switch, wheel bearings, etc etc.

This is more in line with what I was thinking. I am not concerned about a 10 year old motorcycle. I am not concerned about a motorcycle with low mileage. Im concerned about a 10 year old motorcycle that went essentially unused. It was used for an average of 80 miles per year. That one, may two trips. If it was even used in that way (and there's no way of knowing). More than likely I am thinking it sat in some ones garage for 1 year+ at a time while the tires developed flat spots and the water in the gas tank corroded the interior of the tank and the fuel lines. Doing the whole thing remotely so theres no way to look for myself. Price for the bike is only slightly lower than other places, so its not like Id be getting it for a song and could then drop thousands more into it. At one point I did buy a beat up stashed in a corner 2001 BMW F650GS and replaced all fluids, the battery, throttle cable, dash lights, tires, spark plugs, and probabaly a dozen other things im forgetting...but I got it for $1500 and only put another $1500 into it so the return was well worth it. In this case Im more concerned about making the $7000 investment and having to do something similar. The bike is sue to have 10 year old brake fluid, cooland, oil, etc and tires that have potentially developed flat spots/hardened...not even counting the potential corrosion.
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Thank you
Very little
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Tires are the big expense in servicing it, do they say if they are 10 years old? If so negotiate to get them to put on new tires in the price of the purchase, and service it, fluids, brake pads etc.

What kind of motorcycle... or is that super secret LOL

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Sooo, is it this one? -->

If so, at least there are pics on the dealer's website -->


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"Would you buy a 10 year old motorcycle with under 1000 miles?"

Yes If the price is right and I liked the bike.

In late 2018 I bought a 2011 Yamaha Stryker with 340 miles on it. The guy only road it a little the 1st year and it sat in his garage for 6 years. I got a good deal on it. Put a new battery in it, siphon the gas or whatever that nasty stuff was out of tank and put in NE gas and it fired up. Changed oil and filter road it around some than changed coolant. Eventually I changed out the nearly new looking tires. Still got it in my fleet still runs fine.
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If it is the GS shown on the dealer site, it does look in great shape. Add on engine/ crash bar too.
I might jump at 5K.
And if you want factory dealer service:
B ust.
M y.
W allet.

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