Lets delve into used Skid steers

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May 05, 2021, 12:05 PM
old rugged cross
Lets delve into used Skid steers
I am coming to the realization that a skid steer may be my best option for a piece of of equipment that will accomplish the multiple types of tasks I am needing to accomplish moving forward.

I have come to that decision after evaluating a backhoe, excavator, tractor etc.

I am thinking something in the 60-80hp. Something that can lift a ton. Not overhead, but at the 50% mark. This can be a bit more of less. But more is better.

Ultimately I want a bucket, pallet forks and eventually a grapple.

But for my initial purchase a bucket will do.

A few things I do not know is whether a two speed is necessary vs a single speed.

Also, I am unsure if the attachment of accessories is universal among all brands and vintages of machines.

I am leaning towards an open machine vs enclosed. I would love an enclosed unit with heat and AC. But not sure how feasible that will be with a budget of under $30k. Preferably $22k-25k.

Another question I have is about hours on the machine. I understand maintenance is more important than hours to a degree. Is 3000 hrs a good threshold to stay under?

Lastly, I have a question regarding brands.

From what I can tell and know from some experience on other equipment I have been looking
on machinetrader mostly.

john deere

mostly. Any any of these brands ones I should stay away from.

Engine maunf. I like are cummins, kubota, yanmar
even perkins although I am not sure about parts for them these days. What are others that would be acceptable?

Please help me make a good choice. Thanks guys.

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May 05, 2021, 03:03 PM
You’ll have tons of options. Most use a universal skid steer quick attach system. Two speed vs single depends on your intended usage just like high flow hydraulics vs standard flow. I would personally avoid Case. They make the best backhoe but I’ve not heard great things about their skid steers. I would look closely at Kubota, bobcat, and Deere personally. I’d also consider Takeuchi as well. You can sometimes find a decent machine from United rentals used equipment site or sunbelt who uses an auction site called bidadoo. Unfortunately it seems to me like this is the absolute worst time to buy any equipment like this. The market has been picked over pretty well and prices are up 20-30% over this time last year for the same piece of equipment. You hit on the hours mark for condition etc. it’s helpful in some ways but I’ve seen guys run equipment that I wouldn’t want to buy with only 500 hours of their use due to severe mistreatment and lack of routine maintenance. Best of luck and be safe with your new machine. Also go ahead and get a lock’n’lube adapter for your grease gun if you don’t already have one! It’s the best $20 or so you can spend if you deal with equipment much.

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May 05, 2021, 09:38 PM
OK a couple of thoughts. Machine attach is not universal. It depends on the attachment and the connector. Pure hydraulic stuff its mostly manageable with at worst a connector change, other devices may have some electric controls and those are not universal in any way. But for the items you want its easy enough to just source them for ones that work. Two speed is simply a reflection of how much travel time you have. A small area don't bother, its extra stuff to maintain...long travel times you will kick yourself for not getting it. Open ROPS versus cab is simply a comfort question in your specific use.
I'm a cat guy for industrial stuff and a Deere guy for agricultural. At least on CAT skid equipment these engines last for 8-10K+ hours. I would have no issue with on engines that are more than your 3k threshold if there is a documented history of maintenance. If there is not run away.
With all that said I have been STUNNED by the deals some of the local people have found by shopping around.
I like CAT stuff since in my area the support is miles above the rest. Figure out the winning people in your area and get that brand.

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May 05, 2021, 10:26 PM
old rugged cross
Thanks guys, some great info.

Bobcat is probably the winner for support in my neck of the woods.

Keep it coming.

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