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The biting gnats are back at my gun range. I cannot stand wearing Skin So soft which was suggested. Any thoughts from Sig forum members? Thanks
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Permethrin works well for stuff that has to crawl or walk in to get you. It doesn't repel them-it kills them, generally before they dine on you. You can't apply it to your skin-it has to be applied to clothing, and allowed to dry. DEET works on your skin, but if you are using almost anything with much of a scent, it may not work as well. What works well with scent is someone else. Just don't have them stand near you.

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If you don't like harsh chemicals like me, get some Avon Skin so Soft. It does a good job for mosquitos as well and we've used it for years.



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Mrs. Elk read somewhere that a "Bounce" sheet works really well as a repellent.

I tried it, and it works.

In fact, I was fishing and a game warden stopped to chat and remarked on the sheet I had pinned to the back of my shirt.

He laughed and said that he often uses then when he is not on duty. Said it didn't look so good to have a LEO walking around with a white flag pinned on his back.


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Originally posted by walkinghorse:
A product called Bug Soother, says repels bugs and gnats naturally. All natural bud spray that smells great but bugs hate. Made in an Iowa town about 25 miles away, and seems sold to be everywhere around here. Specifically for gnats but repels mosquito's and other bugs also. [url=http://www.simply]
Only tried it here, and can't say about the gnat hordes down south.

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I've found a new favorite that is a natural product, not that it matter that much to me. It just works. Any of the natural repellents containing lemongrass oil. In our old house we had some sort of sugar loving ants continually invading our kitchen despite our best efforts to keep them away. We have two indoor German Shepherds so when I found a new natural products I thought I'd give it a try. Works better than just about anything I've tried. I've found it in the sporting goods section at Wally Weirdmart and in the pesticide sections. Sometimes I've found it mixed with cedar oil, soybean oil, and citronella. It has a pleasant smell sort of lemon like. Give it a shot.
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Thermocell. It gets expensive, but they work. The only reason I go the the woods without one is because I forget it.


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REI used to sell little green bottles of Jungle Juice, which is 100% DEET. That stuff works! Even camping in Alaska, where we were swarmed. Just a few drops rubbed on clothing keeps the bugs away. Wash your hands after applying.
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You can buy clothes pretreated with Permethrin. You can buy the $$$ spray to treat your own clothes. But what I do is much cheaper. I buy the concentrate and mix myself, and soak my shirts and pants and socks in it, even my boots, in a 5 gallon bucket then hang to dry. It is supposed to last 6 washes or so. It seems to help for ticks and chiggers, however, if I know I will be in tick and chigger territory I also hit my clothes just before with Deet, because, damn, I hate chiggers... Never put wet Permethrin on yourself!
I can't really say if it would repel any flying pest.

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Victoria Secret amber romance or vanilla lace body spray

Sounds hoky but they work. Its what the Shrimpers and crabbers use around me

I personally have tried them both and it works

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Peppermint oil & (real) vanilla work to keep gnats away. DEET doesn't seem to do much for the 'buffalo gnats' we've had here for the last 10 years (can't remember them before that). Works good for skeeters.

Buggins spray has peppermint, lavender (?) and other oils in it. That plus a high % DEET spray is what I use.
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Eat a clove of garlic each morning and insects will leave you alone. Some may notice the smell.
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The very best repellent I've found after no success at deterring gnats with DEET has been Absorbine JR, which was recommended to me - the stuff for muscle aches. Apply it everywhere, especially the neck.

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Thanks for all the replies. I will report back on the results after trying several of the products.
Victoria Secret amber romance or vanilla lace body spray I will try later. I do believe they work since the shrimpers and crabbers use it. I know how much those guys are out in the elements and since I am in Coastal Mississippi should work as well. I am uncertain about the fragrance sending a strange message at the gun range. LOL
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its cheaper in retail stores.

cool story here:

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2nd on Absorbine Jr.

I learned it from a fellow golfer. It works.

It doubles as a lovely cologne.


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