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CCD Canine Cognitive Dysfunction - common in older dogs, there are plenty of signals, pacing, anxiety, loss of bowel control, sitting staring at a wall, appetite, hearing and vision issues.

Many of these describe Bella our 14 year old Bassett and I was wondering if anyone had dealt with CCD and have you used any anxiety meds such as the CBD oils.

She's still not far gone, but the anxiety is the big issue, pacing, staring at walls, occasions Bio error. For example we've always been able to put her on the patio/pool deck, she has water, bed, and can look out into the trees, see the birds, squirrels, golf course, now she'll just roam and pace around the deck, slobbering and clearly anxious.

IF this oil works it would be great to relieve her of some of the issues per the above linked article which reads like a diagnosis of her.

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There is some evidence to suggest creatine supplementation may improve cognitive function in certain human populations. See: Creatine Supplementation and Brain Health

Perhaps it'll help canines, too?

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We lost our 19 year old Norfolk Terrier Riley last May from CCD.

He first started showing signs of CCD around Spring 2019 when he was 15 years old.

He would randomly bark at nothing and ever once in a while he would urinate in the house.
Over time his condition would worsen and he would stare off and becoming restless. He started sundowning and we then started him on Lyons Mane Mushroom Power, Senilife, K9 Select Melatonin and Nuleaf CBD oil. For the most part it held back any visible progression of the disease for quite a while. At one point we put him Selegiline which has to be prescribed by a vet. It didn't seem to work and that can happen. Not all dogs will see any results, but it is definitely worth a try.

In his last year he started to loose control of his bladder during the night. I would get up around 2:00AM every morning to take him out to pee and the accidents stopped. One thing CCD dogs don't seem to like is changes in their environment. Their world becomes smaller as the disease progresses. So, we had to stop taking him on beach vacations and at one point we got him a stroller to go on walks with the other dogs.

Riley had a great appetite right up until his last day. We have used Entyce, an appetite stimulant, on our other dog that had live issues. Might be worth a try and it has to be prescribed by a veterinarian.

We also lost our 18 year old mixed Terrier Max last November and he had early stages of CCD and had minor symptoms like staring off and having an occasional pee accident in the house. Unfortunately he passed away very suddenly from kidney failure.

We have a great vet and she was up to date on CCD and also a holistic vet. I do believe she helped extend his life.

At the beginning of last year his spark in his eyes started to dwindle and we had to make the most difficult decision to set him free in May.

I hope this helps. There is a Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Support Group on Facebook that is beyond helpful and I would recommend it even if you don't care for Facebook. That's the reason I am on it.


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I sell both CBD and Mushroom products on my website. Combined they are very effective.
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hapevo, thanks, similar things are starting with our Bassett, staring off, pacing, occasional urination, we have to get up in the middle of the night to let her out.

DTV thanks will check it out

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Have you asked your vet? There may be an effective anxiety medication that a regular pharmacy or a compounding pharmacy has for the condition.

I mentioned the compounding pharmacy as I had a cat that was world class at refusing to take a pill. Vet sent a prescription over to a local compounding pharmacy and they made a transdermal to apply to inside of her ear. That cat loved to eat canned cat food and even a stranger could rub a transdermal inside of her ear when she was tearing into a bowl of canned cat food.

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