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It's the LCP Max - 10 +1 rounds of 380.

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Suspect it's a mistake to rule out the LCP prematurely.

It's surprisingly shootable, the main problem being the very small sights. That's right not the grip size. I say that and wear men's large gloves.

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Have her try a Sig P230/232.

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LC380 Good pistol

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Originally posted by SigSentry:
The grip really does help. Just a consideration. If you get the lcp, make sure the serial number is "no dash", much better trigger.

Yes, the Hogue Handall helps tremendously, as does the addition of a drop of white paint on the front sight, and the installation of a Galloway 13# recoil spring and their stainless steel recoil rod. This has made my once unreliable LCP run like a sewing machine with zero malfunctions.

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